Fair Youth – Maybeshewill

Post-rock outfit from Leicester, UK Maybeshewill offer their latest full-length studio album ‘Fair Youth’. The new album seems to be a much more elegant and somewhat more gentler affair than the bands’ previous output, offering up more refined and calmer post-rock tracks. The new album seems to be another step forward for the band, who manage to showcase some new ideas and new themes that we might not have seen before. The whole album effort comes across as a very interesting and highly enjoyable post-rock album, showcasing the band as one of the more stronger acts working within the genre.

‘Fair Youth’ benefits from its much more subtle approach to the genre. The band employ some interesting techniques and ideas to give much more depth and quality to the music itself. At times, ‘Fair Youth’ delves into the noisy crescendo elements we often hear within the genre, though the album isn’t dominated by this simple technique like so many others are. Instead, the album seems to develop in a much slower and calmer way, allowing the music to really express itself. ‘Fair Youth’ comes across as one of Maybshewill’s finest album efforts, with each song contributing brilliantly towards a wonderful album experience.

There’s a great amount to enjoy on ‘Fair Youth’, which is arguably one of Maybeshewill’s finest albums thus far in their career. The album is perhaps let down by the moments where Maybeshewill delve into traditional post-rock elements, after wonderfully demonstrating more uncommon techniques. Whilst the techniques certainly work well for the band, it feels a little bit too easy, as though the band aren’t putting as much care and attention into the tracks as they have done on the album’s highlights. To some fans, these are the more enjoyable elements though, and they certainly have their place on the album in some respects.

There’s a chance Maybeshewill could polarize some of their audience with the release of ‘Fair Youth’, though it’d be very odd if fans of the band don’t find something to appreciate about the new album. The whole album works wonderfully, weaving together beautifully composed post-rock tracks, and throwing in some larger much grander moments to keep things a little pumped up. The album comes across as one of the better post-rock efforts, showing a slightly new side to Maybeshewill as a post-rock band, and suggesting that there’s lots of great things to come from this creative act.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • You And Me And Everything In Between
  • Fair Youth
  • Asiatic
  • In The Blind

Maybeshewill’s latest album ‘Fair Youth’ is out now.

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