El Pintor – Interpol

Indie-rockers Interpol return to the scene with their latest full-length album, and first as a newly-established three-piece band, ‘El Pintor’. The new album sees the band shuffling around various duties, resulting in what feels like different dynamics that are still ultimately Interpol. There’s some brilliant indie-rock aesthetics featured here, all sounding brilliant and proper, the way the genre should be sounding. In some ways, ‘El Pintor’ is a little bit typical in what it pushes out, though there’s a very enjoyable streak running through the whole album, making it come across as one of Interpol’s strongest albums thus far.

‘El Pintor’ features much of the anthemic indie-rock styling we’ve seen on previous Interpol records, though ultimately in a rather satisfying way. It seems the band has managed to make an album worthy of their initial fame, with the most of the tracks on the album simply being brilliant tracks. The shifting in the line-up due to the departure of Carlos Dengler has somewhat affected the bands sound, though for the most part they all seem to rise up to the challenge very well, resulting in a very strong and very enjoyable indie-rock album experience.

Whilst the band has managed to account to the reduction in size on their latest album, it has affected some of the sound Interpol are producing. Lead singer Paul Banks has shifted to bass guitar duties, and whilst it has resulted in some good songs, there is still an element in a few of the songs that the instrumentals aren’t as strong or powerful as they could possibly be. Banks appears to be a sadly poorer bass guitarist than Dengler was, giving a few of the tracks on ‘El Pintor’ a bit of a dull sound. For the most part, the band has certainly done their best to push out a great sound, but the absence of Dengler’s brilliant and juicy bass-lines has affected the sound to an extent.

‘El Pintor’ might not be the best Interpol album, but it comes across as one of their stronger efforts, and certainly their best since the 2004 release of ‘Antics’. Interpol seem to have a great output of the indie-rock genre, with their latest album reminding us all of the brilliance they have when it comes to the genre. The album might not be as strong as their first efforts, though it’s certainly a step up from their more recent efforts. It’s certainly great to hear the indie-rock genre sounding so brilliant, though who could expect any less from Interpol?

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • My Desire
  • Everything Is Wrong
  • Breaker 1
  • Twice As Hard

Interpol’s fifth studio album ‘El Pintor’ is set for release on 8th September 2014.

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