Wild – Pord

Pord present their latest full-length studio album aptly titled ‘Wild’. The new album sees the band expanding somewhat upon their grunge/sludge metal sound and incorporating some general rock into a few of their tracks here and there. The whole album comes across as another unrelenting sludge-metal experience, which certainly pushes out an aggressive musical style in each and every song. Whilst there’s some enjoyable elements to the whole album, it feels as though there’s very little being done on Pord’s part to actually try anything new or interesting with the genre itself.

Pord’s own style is a typical aggressive one, though there’s an almost stripped down quality to the music itself. Pord don’t seem to just build up a huge wall of sound with their music, but instead perform their music with aggression and anger, giving an interesting quality to their output. At times, there’s a few nice ideas being displayed by Pord, where they allow their music to really be stripped away to the barest qualities, giving some real emphasis to the style they’re presenting. It’s terribly aggressive, though this is the exact quality one would expect (and enjoy) from music such as this.

Whilst there’s some interesting qualities to Pord’s own branch of music, it seems there’s simply not enough going on to justify most of the tracks. Much of the album comes across as incredibly dull, as Pord go off into long and heavy instrumental passages. Something about the music itself just doesn’t seem to work, as though there’s no life in it and Pord are just doing the bare minimum that they think is required of them. Some tracks demonstrate some brilliant creative ideas, and thus it’s a shame that Pord have allowed themselves to just push out the same style of sludge music.

Pord don’t seem to have done enough to make ‘Wild’ much of an interesting album. Most of the efforts on the album itself seem to come across as a little too lazy and incredibly cliched, making the album feel lost in the sea of music that it tries so hard to replicate. Pord just don’t seem to have what it takes to make the genre that interesting, and whilst they do demonstrate some nice ideas here and there, it’s just not enough to save the album.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • I’m Swimming Home
  • On The Couch

Pord’s latest album ‘Wild’ is set for release on 8th September 2014.

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