Best-Selling Dreams – Novanta

Sicilian musician and composer Manfredi Lamartina offers up his latest full-length album under the Novanta moniker titled ‘Best-Selling Dreams’. The new album follows on from last years release of ‘Cresendo’, featuring more of the varied rock styles, including shoegaze, post-rock and general experimental rock. Much like Novanta’s previous album, there’s a lot being offered on ‘Best-Selling Dreams’, which confronts its listeners with a incredibly varied selection of styles, all presented in a rather cohesive and understandable way. There’s a fair amount to enjoy here, though it feels as though some of the efforts attempted on the album are a little misplaced.

‘Best-Selling Dreams’ has a lot going on underneath the many layers being presented by Lamartina and his backing musicians. At times it can feel a little overbearing, though there’s something to be enjoyed from the confident presentation of the various styles. There’s some beauty to a few of the tracks, whilst others are rather indulgent in their post-rock or shoegaze styling. Once again Novanta has managed to present an interesting album experience, where a great number of styles all come together to support each other, resulting in a very varied album experience that offers a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Whilst there’s something to be admired from the experimental nature of ‘Best-Selling Dreams’, it feels as though a few of the tracks are a little too indulgent, resulting in a listening experience that perhaps drags on a little to much without offering enough to the listeners. Some tracks seem a little too unstructured, instead building up walls of sound that don’t seem to make too much sense. There’s an element that there’s some method to the almost mad style of the tracks, but the efforts on some of the songs seem rather misfired, resulting in a few tracks that are simply too boring to actually work well on the album.

Novanta’s ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ certainly has a fair amount to offer here and there, though as a full album-experience, there’s perhaps one too many flaws present. Novanta certainly has a great experimental style in a lot of the music he produces, making his albums varied and interesting as they progress along the various styles it showcases, though ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ perhaps bites off a little bit more than it can chew, resulting in an album experience that falters on a few key points. There’s of course some enjoyable elements to a few of the songs, some of which are the best tracks currently composed by the musician thus far. If only the whole album followed suit though.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Light Changes
  • Windows
  • A Fever
  • La Maledizione Degli Affetti

Novanta’s latest album ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ is set for release on 27th September 2014.

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