Transalpine EP – Paume

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Electronic House outfit Paume present their debut EP ‘Transalpine’, a record brimming with energy as it progresses along its four tracks. On their new EP Paume opt for a more traditional music setting within the genre they work in, resulting in a short record that features everything that one would expect from the house music genre. There’s an interesting element running throughout the record, anchoring the listener into its setting of older-sounding house as it presents them with electronic beats and synthetic elements that build up the songs effortlessly.

Rather than going for the more ordinary sounding dubstep elements that we often hear within this genre these days, Paume instead go for a somewhat older-sound in their presentation of the house genre, resulting in a record that is easily to get involved with and dance to, without it being too abrasive in any way or form. ‘Transalpine’ is a rather comfortable record that just pushes itself along without insisting or demanding anything from the listener. Some elements present on the record do sadly come across as rather weak though, especially in the rather repetitive qualities presented by the house genre itself. Paume sadly don’t seem to have done a great deal to add variety into the songs on the EP, resulting in an album effort that sadly drags on a little too long.

Paume certainly have some very interesting ideas when it comes to their own branch of house music. Perhaps the music itself is nothing too groundbreaking or wholly amazing, but it is rather nice and quite inoffensive. It would perhaps have been nicer if Paume had composed and presented all of their songs in the same style as the album’s closing track, which features a wonderful medley of instruments, effects and electronic beats. Whilst the album might not make much of a lasting impression or impact, it is certainly enjoyable on quite a few levels.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Transalpine
  • Love Fifteen

Paume’s latest EP ‘Transalpine’ is out now.

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