Songs Of Innocence – U2

Five years after the release of ‘No Line On The Horizon’, Irish rockers U2 return with their latest full-length album ‘Songs Of Innocence’. Released for free via the Itunes platform, and produced for the most part by Danger Mouse, ‘Songs of Innocence’ already sets itself up as an interesting album release. The album sees the band rocking it out as per usual, presenting their many strengths with incredible ease and comfort. There’s a great amount to enjoy from ‘Songs Of Innocence’, which feels like a proper full-length album from the band. Perhaps the nature of the albums release is somewhat questionable and does raise some concern, though for fans this is a very welcome surprise.

‘Songs Of Innocence’ doesn’t just pick up where ‘No Line On The Horizon’ left off, but instead pushes itself out a little bit more. There’s a wonderful edge to the music being presented by U2, which feels like genuine alternative rock music, a genre we perhaps aren’t been given enough of. There’s a nice variety of tracks being presented by the band, from unbridled rock to gentle ballads that we know so well from the band. Everything seems to just sound great as well, with U2 sounding as strong as they ever have done. It’s a fairly impressive album, and the caliber of the album feels like a surprise considering the albums release strategy.

There’s a lot to enjoy from ‘Songs Of Innocence’, which should no doubt please fans of the band. Arguably a few of the tracks are perhaps a little bit too typical of U2, simply sounding a little bit like what we’d expect from the band, rather than an interesting surprise. Some tracks seem to just meander about, not really offering up anything that interesting and simply coming across as filler material on the album. The whole nature of the release raises a few interesting notes, especially due to the fact that many people who received the album never chose to receive the album. It’s a little funny, considering we’ve seen this method of release done properly before by bands such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, who allow people to come to them to receive the album, rather than having it pushed right in front of them.

Regardless of how the album was released, it seems the main matter at hand should be the music itself. There is a fair amount to enjoy on ‘Songs Of Innocence’, which is certainly another interesting chapter in U2’s music. Arguably the album doesn’t really hold itself up to the standards of U2’s strongest and best albums, which is perhaps a surprise considering they had such a strong producer attached to it. There’s some very enjoyable tracks on the album though, some of which might go on to become fan favourites of the band. Perhaps this will hopefully be the beginning stage of greater things to come from U2. We know they’re capable of it.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
  • Every Breaking Wave
  • Song For Someone
  • This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now

U2’s latest album ‘Songs Of Innocence’ is out now, and if you have Itunes then you probably already have it, regardless of if you want it…

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