Statues EP – Statues

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Indie/Post-Rockers Statues present their latest and self-titled EP, showcasing a phenomenal post-rock style that encompasses more than what we often see within the genre. Across the five tracks, Statues offers up an incredible listening experience, expressing themselves through the post-rock genre through their own creative ideas. There’s an incredible beauty to the tracks being presented by Statues, which offer up an incredible wall of sound, though it’s hardly overbearing. ‘Statues EP’ might be a short listen, though it perfectly showcases everything Statues have to offer.

It seems that the EP itself is mostly steeped in the post-rock genre, though Statues hardly let the genre’s limitations prevent them from achieving everything they want to express. The music being presented by the band comes across as incredibly emotive, where both the instrumentals in the tracks, and the vocal style both combine together in perfect harmony. There’s a lot to be enjoyed from Statues, who come across as one of the few bands that have managed to combine vocal elements into post-rock music, whilst making it feel natural and organic. It’s arguable that the tracks presented on the EP mostly follow the same formatting and stylistic approaches to the genre, resulting in what some might describe as a repetitive experience, though there’s still an incredible amount to be enjoyed here, especially by fans of either the indie-rock genre or post-rock genre.

Statues have a great style going for themselves, separating themselves wonderfully and confidently from the sea of mediocre post-rock bands. Statues offer a lot on their latest EP, and do so in such an unassuming yet confidence way. The stylistic approaches to the post-rock genre don’t come across as gimmicky or pointless, but rather an expression of what Statues want to express in their music. It’s a wonderful listening experience, and one we’d love to see more of!

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Home
  • Spring
  • Sun
  • Silhouettes

Statues latest EP ‘Statues’ is out now.

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