Traumer EP – Shock Of Daylight

Musician Danny Currie, working under the moniker of Shock of Daylight, sets the gears in motion with his second EP titled ‘Traumer’. The new EP sees Currie expanding upon what was first established on ‘Deep Sea Breath’, further pushing out an eclectic blend of Post-Rock/Shoegaze styles. ‘Traumer’ comes across as a much more complete and satisfying EP package, progressing much more and showing us some new creative ideas from Currie.

On ‘Traumer’, we’re presented with another wonderful blend of Post-Rock styles, combined with elements of Shoegaze and to some extent, ambient, electronic and even krautrock styles. Everything results in a wonderful and versatile EP experience that is ever shifting, though ultimately cohesive and understandable. Every song seems to present something new, whilst also continuing the same train of thought that the EP itself establishes. It’s an impressive listening experience, and one that is certainly a step-up from the previous EP effort. Whilst most of the creative ideas work well in presenting the wonderful talents of Currie, it seems one or two songs are perhaps a little too avante-garde (to an extent) to actually work well on the EP. Whilst they certainly showcase something creative of interest, it’s perhaps not of the same caliber as the rest of the EP, and thus feels a little lacking in comparison.

It feels as though Currie is taking great strides when it comes to his presentation of the post-rock genre. Although the music at times steers away from the conventional settings of the genre, it still feels very much a part of it, just simply showcasing more creative ideas and what can be achieved within it. ‘Traumer’ comes across as a wonderful EP experience, where each track showcases not just some brilliant creative talent, but some real promise from a musician who clearly understands what he’s doing. Definitely a wonderful and satisfying release, that suggests even more great things to come.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Verschollene 2
  • Csepel
  • Traumer
  • Verschollene 1

Shock of Daylight’s latest EP ‘Traumer’ is out now.

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