Version 1.0.1. EP – Men In The Sky

Electronic synth band Men In The Sky present their latest EP titled ‘Version 1.0.1’. The new EP comprises four compositions from the band, offering up a rather bland mix of electronica music. There’s perhaps some enjoyable element to Men In The Sky, who showcase at the very least an understand of what the genre of music entails, and how that is presented. Whilst they manage to at least do that, Men In The Sky’s latest EP has resulted in an incredibly dull and boring EP experience where nothing feels original and everything just feels annoying and frustrating.

Men In The Sky’s style of music seems to be all about presenting electronic beats and percussion, backed up by synths and the occasional appearance of other instruments. Men In The Sky might be trying to do something interesting with the genre, but their efforts is lost amongst the incredibly arbitrary layers of synth and percussion. Everything results in what feels like a completely unoriginal experience, making the entire EP completely redundant. Men In The Sky don’t seem to offer up anything even remotely interesting, and the music will only appeal to the club scene as part of the background music for their drunken parades, and thus not even stand out as music in their own drunken minds. It’s incredibly forgettable and unengaging music that comes across as completely pointless.

If this is all Men In The Sky have to offer, then what is the point? Nothing about ‘Version 1.0.1.’ feels original or even creative. Yes, the band has managed to build up layer upon layer of synth and beats to create electronic music, but that’s all they seem to have done. Men In The Sky have done the bare minimum in presenting their own branch of electronic music, resulting in this pointless and tiresome exercise. Yes, there is music out there that is much, much worse than this, but it still remains a fact that ‘Version 1.0.1.’ is still pretty terrible.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆  1/5

Selected Songs:

  • None

Men In The Sky’s latest EP ‘Version 1.0.1’ is out now.

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