Weatherhouse – Philip Selway

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway follows up from his debut solo-album ‘Familial’, released back in 2010 with his latest solo endeavor ‘Weatherhouse’. The new album departs from the gentle acoustic setting the debut effort presented, opting for a much more darker and harrowing album experience. ‘Weatherhouse’ comes across as a somewhat odd little album experience, where we see much of the slightly reserved talents of Philip Selway being pushed forward to new lengths. Much of the album feels rather unsettling, making it come across as a very interesting and within its own right, an enjoyable album experience.

‘Weatherhouse’ presents a different style from Selway, showing the musician incorporating much more than what was presented on his debut solo effort. ‘Weatherhouse’ builds up much more textures, not being dominated by the acoustic guitar elements that were so prevalent in the first album. It’s an interesting effort that at times, echoes some of the creative ideas one would expect from an Radiohead album. On top of the lush instrumentals is Selway’s wonderfully relaxing and gentle vocals, which are given a bit more of an edge based on the backing instrumentals. It’s a bit of a new side to Selway, who showcases a lot of his own creative talents in his own personal way.

Selway has managed to branch out his own style in an interesting way, showcasing some great new ideas that are certainly a step-up from his first solo-effort. Whilst there’s a lot that work well on ‘Weatherhouse’, it feels as though the album itself is perhaps lacking in a few parts. The main problem with the album seems to be that songs end just as soon as they’ve begun, resulting in this somewhat odd experience where we don’t ever get to experience the true majesty of Selway’s creative ideas. For all the effort Selway has pushed into his latest solo album, it’s a shame that not everything has come across as strongly as it should have done.

There’s a lot to enjoy on ‘Weatherhouse’, which is a wholly different album experience compared to its predecessor. It seems though that for everything the album has managed to do right, it has almost equally done a lot of things wrong, or poorly. There’s a great flow to the album, and some great songs that showcase some great talent from Selway, but the whole experience is lacking in a few parts. It’s a shame, considering the brilliant strengths of the first album, which was a very down-played and reserved album. ‘Weatherhouse’ might have stepped forward in a few aspects, but it seems to have also stepped back in other places.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Coming Up For Air
  • Around Again
  • Don’t Go Now
  • Waiting For A Sign

Philip Selway’s second solo album ‘Weatherhouse’ is set for release on 7th October 2014.

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