Post-War – Last Builders of Empire

Boston-based Post-Rock band Last Builders of Empire offer up their second full-length studio album titled ‘Post-War’. The new album sees Last Builders of Empire presenting an incredibly meticulous and well-planned album experience, showcasing themes of spirituality and the afterlife. Everything comes across as an incredibly mature effort, where Last Builders of Empire have set out to achieve their goals with a clear understanding of how they can do just that. The album is musically enjoyable, taking inspiration from a number of bands including Mogwai, Do Make Say Think and even Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Last Builders of Empire’s main appeal seem to be in their structuring of their music. The band seem to have a great understanding of the post-rock genre, and how instruments can be used to create a great range of emotion. It’s resulted in an album experience that moves along at varying paces, but all of which flows into each other comfortably and effortlessly. There’s an impressive range of post-rock styles being presented by the band, which goes from loud and energetic post-rock formats to more gentle and dark post-rock formats. At times, we can hear hints of other bands’ influence coming into play, most strongly the later recordings of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It doesn’t feel like attempts on the bands part to rip off these pre-existing post-rock bands, giving much more weight to the album itself.

There’s many strengths to ‘Post-War’, which is perhaps one of the strongest post-rock albums released this year. Whilst the album demonstrates many strengths, both musically and from the band themselves, it does sport a few weak moments. In particular, towards the end of the album’s middle half, the tracks feel a little weaker, and not as strong or even as poignant as their predecessor. Last Builders of Empire to manage to pick everything up towards the end of the album, though this somewhat weak middling section does add a slightly disappointing element to the whole overall album experience.

Last Builders of Empire appear to have done nearly everything right on ‘Post-War’, presenting not just a great post-rock album where the music sounds great, but also one where there’s weight and relevance to what’s being presented. There’s a story being presented by the band, showing that there’s some real thought going into the music itself. ‘Post-War’ offers up everything one would want and enjoy from a post-rock band, as well as just a little bit more. Last Builders of Empire come across as a great post-rock act, who are far above the average standard, and clearly have a lot to offer the genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Quiet Like A Knife
  • This Tired Wasteland
  • While I Lay
  • For Those Who Have Faith

Last Builders of Empire’s latest album ‘Post-War’ is out now.

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