No Sound Without Silence – The Script

Irish pop-rockers The Script present their fourth full-length studio album ‘No Sound Without Silence’, paving the way for their gentle and easily accessible sound. On their latest album effort, The Script seem to delve more and more into their soft pop-rock style, showcasing more elements of the popular music format. ‘No Sound Without Silence’ has been described by the band as a prequel to their debut self-titled effort, and whilst there’s some enjoyable elements, and some enjoyable songs here and there, the whole album effort does seem to come across as another dull and lifeless album release.

There’s times where ‘No Sound Without Silence’ seems to be an attempt from the band to try and get back to their roots somewhat, whilst also bringing in a few elements from what they’ve learnt over the years. It’s a somewhat admirable element to the album itself, showing that The Script are at least considering about the kind of sound they want to push out on their latest album effort. On the album highlights, the band demonstrate that nice quality to their music, where everything just sounds laid back and non-threatening. It’s easy to see why it’s all so popular, but there’s so much of ‘No Sound Without Silence’ that just doesn’t work at all.

The Script’s new album is billed as prequel to their debut album, though it seems much of the album’s roots come from elements and ideas that were introduced to the bands sound in their later years. It’s nonsensical, making the whole album effort feel like an incredibly weak and poor musical experience where there’s nothing on offer and nothing of any real interest. Much of the music contains simplistic instrumental structures, combined with cliched and cheesy lyrics that just sound completely soulless. There’s enjoyable tracks, but the whole album experience just comes across as frustrating and annoying.

The Script know how to write catchy and memorable songs, as they’ve demonstrated so on their previous album efforts. On ‘No Sound For Silence’ though, we’re presented with formulaic and cliched songs that suggest absolutely nothing new or interesting from the band. The whole album just comes across as a weak effort from the band, being made more for the release of popular chart-topping singles rather than being a cohesive and well-structured album experience. Whilst the album could be described as a step up from their previous album effort of ‘#3’, it’s hardly note-worthy considering the many steps down the band have taken over the years.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆  1/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Energy Never Dies

The Script’s fourth studio album ‘No Sound Without Silence’ i sout now.

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