Jealous Gods – Poets Of The Fall

Finnish rockers Poets of the Fall make way with their sixth studio album ‘Jealous Gods’, offering up more of their brilliant and wonderful rock style that has certainly made a name for themselves. On their latest effort, Poets of the Fall seem to continue on from what they’ve been building up for a few years, presenting another fairly varied yet mostly cohesive album experience. There’s once again great instrumentals being presented by the band, partnered up with the phenomenal vocal talents of the bands’ lead singer Marko Saaresto. Whilst ‘Jealous Gods’ sports a few flaws here and there, the whole effort comes across as one that fans of the band are sure to enjoy.

‘Jealous Gods’ seems to tread much of the same ground as the bands’ previous effort ‘Temple of Thought’, offering a varied album experience that shifts from glamorous rock, to gentle ballads and back again with effortless ease. Poets of the Fall once again demonstrate their wonderful talents in crafting their music, drawing out emotion in certain tracks, whilst presenting enjoyable rock tunes in others. For the most part, it all seems to work well for Poets of the Fall, who showcase even more of their wonderful talents, and arguably presenting some of their best tracks to date.

Whilst much of ‘Jealous Gods’ works very well, it feels like this is perhaps an instance where Poets of the Fall have failed to offer their listeners anything that is actually new from them. The band have managed to present their listeners with enjoyable music at the very least, and there isn’t anything inherently bad about the music being presented on ‘Jealous Gods’, though the whole effort does feel regrettably like one of the more weaker efforts from the band. Nothing ever seems to really take off, and instead just presents us with the same kind of music from the band as we’ve already heard, giving the whole album effort a somewhat average sensibility.

Poets of the Fall will certainly please their fans with ‘Jealous Gods’, though the album hardly compares to some of their previous album effort. It’s hardly the weakest Poets of the Fall album in fairness, and does manage to showcase some very enjoyable songs here and there. The album though just doesn’t seem to impress all that much, making it a somewhat disappointing album when compared to some of the bands’ earlier releases. ‘Jealous Gods’ might not really push the boundaries all that much of what Poets of the Fall can do, but it does at least show them doing what they do best, and thus is a very enjoyable release from a rather under-rated band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Daze
  • Jealous Gods
  • Rogue
  • Nothing Stays The Same

Poets of the Fall’s latest album ‘Jealous Gods’ is out now.

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