Creole Continuum – Kaie Kellough

creole continuum

The latest release from Howl! Arts Collective offers the incredibly creative and highly experimental album ‘Creole Continuum’ by Kaie Kellough,  featuring a few musicians previously seen on Howl! Arts releases, including Brahja Waldman and Martin Heslop. On ‘Creole Continuum’, Kellough presents an incredible album demonstrating the construction and deconstruction of language, music, words and form. Building up from elements of traditional and non-traditional jazz music aesthetics, and then showered with incredibly creative and unique ideas that present Kellough’s key concepts and ideas, we’re offered an incredibly deep and interesting album experience, where thoughts are provoked without being intimidated.

 ‘Creole Continuum’ offers up a very diverse range of ideas, all coming from the source idea of what sound in all its form represents, and how the construction and deconstruction of these sounds can result in something new and interesting. At the very core of everything is this wonderful expression of truly creative and unique ideas, where music is built up from the barest of elements at times. There’s even a diverse range of ideas and musical structures being expressed on the album, which takes influence from a wide range of sources, resulting in an experimental music experience that shifts around a number of different ideas and structures, mostly based within the jazz music genre. Even within its incredibly experimental nature there’s something wonderful and highly enjoyable, where a bare and stripped form of music and language harmoniously come together in an experimental way to express something fascinating.

Kaie Kellough has created something wonderful here, and whilst many elements might be lost on a few listeners, where the experimental ideas are perhaps a little too broad to be understood, its still incredibly interesting and deserving of recognition within its own right. ‘Creole Continuum’ pushes the boundaries somewhat of not just how music is created, but how we as listeners approach this kind of material. Kellough’s latest album is an incredibly experimental and thus rather odd sounding musical experience, and yet everything is very loose sounding and comfortably structured, making it remarkably an easy-listening experience to some extents.

Kellough’s latest album is certainly ambitious in many respects, though it seems everything Kellough has set out to do on ‘Creole Continuum’ has been achieved brilliantly. The experimental nature of how these songs have been composed and presented add a challenge to how we as listeners approach the music, though the extent to which Kellough has managed to make everything still sound incredibly comfortable is remarkable. ‘Creole Continuum’ is a true experimental record, though it is one where the experimental nature has worked well, not coming across as gimmicks for the sake of it, but a true expression of some truly unique ideas.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★ 5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Hausmann’s Ransom Note
  • AlphabetA
  • d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e
  • Tinnitus

Kaie Kellough’s latest album ‘Creole Continuum’ is out now. 

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