From Now On – Azwel

Musician and song-writer Jason Perrillo, working under the moniker of Azwel, sets up for the release of his latest album titled ‘From Now On’. The new album sees Perrillo drawing upon a number of different influences in the music industry, presenting a very typical Brit-pop album experience, where rather gentle instrumental structures, built around the progression of chords mostly, come together to build up the music, accompanied then by Perrillo’s vocal style. There’s nice elements to much of what appears on ‘From Now On’, though with the album being so heavily stepped within the somewhat defunct Brit-pop genre, there’s an element of there not being much that’s different here.

‘From Now On’ feels like a very conventionally structured and somewhat typical album experience in some ways. Light and poppy instrumentals back up Brit-pop sensibilities, resulting in an album experience where many of the technical aspects do work rather well, showing good understanding of form and structure. Perrillo showcases a very good understanding of the genre he works within, and pushes many different aspects of that genre out within his new album. There’s some variety to the styles being presented, which range from the downbeat and melancholy to the upbeat and happy.

Whilst there’s some enjoyable aspects to ‘From Now On’, which features some good songs within its own rights, it feels as though the whole album experience is a little too deeply-delved into its own genre, and doesn’t display any real true creativity within that, instead just presenting what could be described as the bare minimum of the genre itself. Perrillo does seem to have a lot of talent in some areas, but ‘From Now On’ is let down by its sense of just pushing out the same ideas, same musical styles and motifs, without trying to do anything that makes the music stand out in its own right.

Perrillo’s latest album ‘From Now On’ does sport some good songs here and there, as well as some nice talent from the musician himself, but it seems the whole album doesn’t do enough with the genre to really justify itself, and thus becomes another simple and average album within its own genre. There are some nice tracks being sported on the album, and at times we can see why Perrillo has delved deep into the genre, as there is a good understanding of how it can be used to push forward creative ideas. Arguably there’s just not enough really going on to really showcase Perrillo as a musician and song-writer who really knows what he is doing.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Alone in the Park
  • The Writing on the Wall
  • Don’t Take It For Granted
  • All The Things To Come

Azwel’s latest album ‘From Now On’ is out now.

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