Iron Horse – Me For Queen

Combining elements of alternative rock, synth-pop and even trip-hop, Me For Queen present a very interesting album experience titled ‘Iron Horse’. The new album, centered around themes of cycling offers a very diverse musical experience that showcases some very interesting creative talents, presented in a very strong style that suggest there’s a lot brimming under the surface of what Me For Queen do. At times, ‘Iron Horse’ is perhaps a little confusing, mostly on the musical side of things where we’re sometimes bombarded with musical styles that feels unexpected, though the whole album shows that Me For Queen are certainly a very capable band.

‘Iron Horse’ is perhaps an odd album, sporting a fair few experimental ideas, even down to how its themes are being presented by the band. It’s almost whimsical and amusing, though the band don’t let their almost silly themes get in the way of presenting good music. Most of the songs feature some great instrumental styles, partnered up with very interesting vocals that demonstrate some great talents from the band. Me For Queen certainly seem capable of quite a lot, and use their talents rather well to present a good range of different styles songs, all combined into one album experience.

Whilst many elements of ‘Iron Horse’ work, it does sometimes feel that the album isn’t really sure of what it’s trying to be, and thus tries to include everything as a way to appease to everyone. Arguably the stronger moments on the album seem to be the times where the songs touch upon the trip-hop genre, though the album itself isn’t dominated by this genre at all (or by any genre to some extent). At times, the album experience feels a little bit disjointed as it tries to include too many things all at once, some of which don’t partner up well with each other at all. The effort to try is somewhat admirable, though it seems more refinement would benefit this album experience.

Me For Queen’s latest album ‘Iron Horse’ might be ambitious at times, and whilst some songs may not work all that well, the majority of the album expresses some very nice ideas. There’s some very creative songs being featured on the album, and a nice diverse range of ideas and styles, most of which work well in terms of the album experience. It feels like Me For Queen are a band who are very capable of creating good compositions, but also that they are a band who don’t want to take themselves too seriously, and are creating music mostly for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of those who like their own style of music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Deer and the Dark
  • Slow Jam (Look Out)
  • White Bike
  • Road Out

Me For Queen’s latest album ‘Iron Horse’ is out now.

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