Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades – Hussey

Singer/Songwriter/Musician Wayne Hussey offers up his latest album effort titled ‘Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades’. The new album showcases more of Hussey’s rather diverse musical style, as well as some great presentation of some rather good ideas. Much of the music on the album feels rather down-beat and slow, allowing for Hussey to really express himself with his vocal talents. It’s a rather good album effort, feeling at times like the kind of music suited for a James Bond film, though one that still works rather nicely as a full-album experience. There’s much to enjoy from Hussey on his latest album effort, though there’s a fair amount of rather average songs to sift through on this album.

 ‘Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades’ offers up an interesting album experience, with Hussey displaying remarkable vocals and song-writing talents in many of his songs. There’s an almost dream-like quality to some of the songs, giving at times a dark and macabre  yet playful sense in the whole album experience. Certain tracks feel dark and ominous, though it’s hardly overbearing, and in fact feels somewhat charming at times. It’s an interesting idea that works well for Hussey, who manages to present most of his ideas on his latest album to rather great effect, showing off some very well written tracks.

Whilst there’s a fair amount to enjoy on ‘Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades’, the album does display somewhat of a sluggish quality after a while. There’s a strong start to the album, but afterward most of the tracks seem to wane in comparison, demonstrating the same techniques and ideas over and over until they become a little boring. A few tracks seem to pick up, but towards the end, everything just seems a little bit too dull, perhaps suggesting that Hussey has attempted to do too much on his latest album and has included far too many tracks that don’t really add much to the overall album experience.

There’s a fair few tracks on ‘Songs of Candelight and Razorblades’ that are very enjoyable in their own right, though the whole album experience does feel a little bit daunting after a while. One too many songs seems to hurt the overall effect of the album, especially in their nature of not really showcasing anything new or interesting from Hussey, and instead just sporting the same structures and compositional techniques that have made up a lot of the other songs. Hussey does demonstrate a lot of talent in the songs that do work on his latest album effort, though there’s a fair amount of music that perhaps could do with trimming or completely discarding.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Madam G
  • Swan Song (Lament)
  • Wither on the Vine
  • No Earthly Cure

Hussey’s latest album ‘Songs of Candelight and Razorblades’ is out now.

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