Aspects Of Our Future Selfs EP – Svarta Stugan

Experimental instrumental rock band Svarta Stugan offer up their third EP release titled ‘Aspects Of Our Future Selfs’. Combining elements of traditional post-rock formats with their own experimental flair, Svarta Stugan offer up an interesting album experience, highlighting a lot of their strengths as an instrumental rock band. ‘Aspects Of Our Future Selfs’ explodes onto the scene with odd little notions and creative ideas, showcasing idea after idea after idea. For the most part, it’s all a rather interesting release, showing a lot of creativity from the band, as well as their own capabilities.

‘Aspects Of Our Future Selfs’ see Svarta Stugan pushing forward a range of different styles and ideas, resulting in a mixed-up range of tones that all come together rather cohesively in one album package. Track range from slow post-rock aesthetics to crazy thrashing styles reminiscent of certain math-rock bands. There’s a fair amount to enjoy here, especially for fans of the post-rock genre who’ll find Svarta Stugan’s mixing up of the genre to be rather enjoyable. The notion of melding together different concepts and ideas works rather well for Svarta Stugan, but certain tracks on the EP seem to sound a little bit odd, rather than adding to the overall experience. In particular is the inclusion of one rather thrashy song, which demonstrates some nice ideas, but seems a little oddly placed on this EP.

Svarta Stugan’s ‘Aspects Of Our Future Selfs’ offers up some nice ideas and some well composed tracks, though perhaps the band have included a little too much on the EP, rather than delicately crafting their EP to create an incredible listening experience. The inclusion of some rather odd tracks doesn’t really affect the overall impact of the EP, but it does raise a few questions. Overall though there’s a lot being showcased by the band, who clearly have a good understanding of the post-rock genre in all its forms, and how interesting and creative music can be drawn from a number of different genres and ideas.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Neo-Futuristic
  • Damn Good Coffee
  • Un-Birth
  • wE Are

Svarta Stugan’s latest EP ‘Aspects Of Our Future Selfs’ is out now.

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