Extreme Events – Le Révélateur

Roger Tellier-Craig (Of Fly Pan Am, Et Sans & Set Fire To Flames) presents his latest solo-effort under the moniker of Le Révélateur titled ‘Extreme Events’. The new album from Tellier-Craig follows on from his previous release under the Le Révélateur name, titled ‘Fictions’, released back in 2011. ‘Extreme Events’ offers a wholly electronic music experience, sounding a little bizarre and crazy at times as we’re bombarded with the stabs of electronic drones. Tellier-Craig actually uses this to great lengths on ‘Extreme Events’, constructing a very experimental album that works on many different levels.

‘Extreme Events’ seems to be a progression from what we’ve seen before from Tellier-Craig’s solo work, from his previous album ‘Fictions’, to the Squint Fucker Press release of ‘Es Ses Apparitions’, released under the moniker of Edgar Olivier Charles. ‘Extreme Events’ seems to build upon the foundations of these previous albums, whilst offering something new from Tellier-Craig. The structures of each individual song feels much stronger and more polished, offering up a rather intense yet very satisfying psychedelic electronic album experience that is perhaps one of the best efforts Tellier-Craig has pushed out. It’s very weird at times, though this seems to add to the fun of the whole album itself

Whilst there’s much to enjoy from ‘Extreme Events’, the album itself faults on occasion, mostly towards the end of the album were the impressive elements used to build up the album start to come across as a little dull in a few parts. It’s never enough to completely bring down the whole effect of the album, though it does perhaps make the album come across a little bit weaker than it would have done. The album’s highly experimental nature also prevents the album from being all that accessible, and whilst it’s not a problem for those who enjoy experimental music, it does make the album itself a challenging listen within its own rights.

Tellier-Craig’s latest album under his Le Révélateur moniker is one that is certainly interesting and a little weird, though ultimately very satisfying for its own reasons. There’s something about the odd droning abstractions that Tellier-Craig builds up that comes across incredibly strongly, making for an interesting album experience. It might be a challenging listen to some, but to those who enjoy experimental music in a very broad sense, or are fans of many of the release from Tellier-Craig, might go on to find ‘Extreme Events’ to be one of the best releases from this incredibly interesting artist.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Stream Terminal
  • Loading Vistas
  • Fiber Miles Away
  • Vues Illimitées

Le Révélateur’s latest album ‘Extreme Events’ is out now.

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