Five Chapters – Sound Awakener

Five Chapters cover art

Following on from the release of the highly abstract and sadly rather dull album ‘Shape Of Illusion’, experimental artist Sound Awakener offers up his latest album experience titled ‘Five Chapters’. Following on with the very odd experimental sound, Sound Awakener’s latest album presents a more cohesive album experience, where each track ties in together to create one full album experience. It’s every bit as experimental as the artists debut release, showcasing a great number of experimental styles, though the album itself raises the question of what is really on offer here, and is this a kind of experimental music really worth bothering with?

‘Five Chapters’ offers an odd album experience, dominated by abstract droning elements backed up by what can only be described as discordant piano notes that oddly enough drive the album along. It’s incredibly unusual, pushing forward somewhat the capabilities of experimental music, or at least so in Sound Awakener’s eyes. What works here is how each track manage to compliment each other, creating one fully cohesive and understandable album experience that doesn’t jar with each other. It’s a step in the right direction following on from the release of ‘Shape Of Illusion’, though there’s still not a lot really happening here.

Sound Awakener’s experimental style is certainly interesting within its own right, but the album itself doesn’t seem to really do much with it. It feels like the only experimental idea the artist has is to place discordant tones over the music, creating an unsettling experience, which is interesting in its own right, but also one that just comes across as annoying. Nothing much really stands out and sticks in the memory, which is usually a power any branch of experimental music can have. It’s unknown what Sound Awakener is trying to achieve, if it’s attempts to create interesting experimental music, then it has regrettably failed, but if it’s attempts to create what can only be described as dull music that drags on and on without going anywhere, then that notion has been achieved.

Experimental music is a hard genre to judge at most times, but in this case, it seems there’s not really enough truly being experimented with to make the music worth bothering with. Each track follows the same notion and ideas, making it a rather tedious album work-out that doesn’t deliver anything at any point. ‘Five Chapters’ just doesn’t seem to offer anything, simply showcasing Sound Awakener’s rather dull indulgences in experimental music. The album itself might be a step-up from the previous effort of ‘Shape Of Illusion’, but it doesn’t really mean much at this stage, as the whole album is still a boring musical experience.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • None

Sound Awakener’s latest album ‘Five Chapters’ is set for release on 4th October 2014.

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