Mono – Rays Of Darkness

Japanese post-rock band Mono expand upon their ever evolving sound with the release of two new studio albums, ‘The Last Dawn’ and ‘Rays Of Darkness’. Both albums offer up something different to each other, tied together in terms of their physical presentation, but not in the tone of music they both offer. The second of these two albums ‘Rays Of Darkness’ showcases Mono’s more heavier slant on the post-rock genre, indulging greatly in elements of math-rock to present what comes across as an incredibly harsh and indulgent album experience.

‘Rays Of Darkness’ departs greatly from its counterpart ‘The Last Dawn’, separating itself entirely through its presentation of darker and harsher elements. Heavy guitar riffs push the album along at an incredible pace, offering a pure indulgence to listeners, and highlighting many strengths of both math-rock music, as well as Mono’s presentation of the genre itself. There’s a lot to enjoy here from Mono, who showcase more of their heavier style in perfect fashion, crafting together an enjoyable album experience that encompasses a completely different context to its counterpart.

Whilst ‘Rays Of Darkness’ offers up an incredible amount, the album seems to come across a little bit weaker both in context with its counterpart album, and in comparison to the rest of the bands’ discography. The album itself is much shorter than most else Mono have released, and whilst it showcases the bands’ heavier style in a perfect fashion, it doesn’t seem to be as strong as other efforts we’ve seen from Mono. Whilst there’s a lot to enjoy, it seems there’s a notion that this album wouldn’t really work without the context of its counterpart album. The album is also much shorter in comparison to ‘The Last Dawn’, which is a shame considering how strong the elements on the album are.

Mono’s ‘Rays Of Darkness’ is certainly an achievement for the band in terms of showcasing clearly their own style of heavy aggressive post-rock music, though the album effort itself doesn’t come across as one of the most enjoyable efforts from the band. There’s a lot to enjoy from Mono and certainly indulge with, though this isn’t the absolute best of Mono, instead just a side of Mono we might not have ever seen clearly before. The release of both ‘The Last Dawn’ and ‘Rays Of Darkness’ showcase great creative talents of Mono as a post-rock band, with both clearly defining different elements in perfect fashion.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Recoil, Ignite
  • Surrender
  • The Last Rays

Mono’s latest albums ‘The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness’ are out now.

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