Mono – The Last Dawn

Japanese post-rock band Mono expand upon their ever evolving sound with the release of two new studio albums, ‘The Last Dawn’ and ‘Rays Of Darkness’. Both albums offer up something different to each other, tied together in terms of their physical presentation, but not in the tone of music they both offer. The first of these two albums ‘The Last Dawn’ sees Mono offering up a gentle cinematic post-rock experience, indulging greatly in the long drawn out sections that allow the music to carefully express itself. It’s a wonderful effort from Mono, showcasing once again their great talent in creatively composing post-rock music.

‘The Last Dawn’ seems to express a more gentle side to Mono, not ever indulging in loud noisy crescendos (which is saved for ‘Rays Of Darkness’ instead). There’s a lot that works on ‘The Last Dawn’, which presents a near-perfect post-rock experience. Much of the effort feels widely cinematic, sounding very carefully crafted, with each element carefully considered to the last detail. Each track flows into each other wonderfully, presenting the key themes and concepts of the album in fantastic style, making the whole effort come across as one of the strongest releases from Mono thus far in their career.

 There’s a lot to enjoy on ‘The Last Dawn’, which feels like one of Mono’s strongest album efforts in their current discography. There’s few weak moments on the album, with each track offering up something that works incredibly well on the album. Fans of Mono’s math-rock elements might find ‘The Last Dawn’ to be much of a chore for the most part, especially due to the incredible lack of math-rock elements which have been saved for ‘Rays of Darkness’ instead. Elements of the album might polarize certain fans, though there’s an incredible amount that works here, making it a worthy effort.

Mono’s ‘The Last Dawn’ seems to come across as one of Mono’s more stronger album effort, showcasing their incredible craft of post-rock music, and how incredibly strong emotion can be drawn out of the presentation of the instrumentals. In context with ‘Rays of Darkness’, ‘The Last Dawn’ feels like the more stronger album effort, showing much more clearly the best strengths of Mono’s music. The release of both albums seem to showcase the absolute best Mono have to offer, cementing their position as one of the best and most exciting bands within the post-rock genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Land Between Tides/Glory
  • Katana
  • Elysian Castles
  • The Last Dawn

Mono’s latest albums ‘The Last Dawn/Rays Of Darkness’ are out now.

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