The Endless River – Pink Floyd

Progressive-rock band Pink Floyd offer up the incredibly surprising album release of ‘The Endless River’, described by David Gilmour as a ‘Swan Song’ for Richard Wright. The new album offers up some new compositions and ideas cobbled together from the recording sessions of the bands’ 1994 release of ‘The Division Bell’. ‘The Endless River’ offers up an album experience unlike any other we’ve heard from by Pink Floyd, offering instead a wholly instrumental album experience (bar the album’s closing track). For the most part it’s an incredibly interesting listening experience, though one that few people will regard as the best Pink Floyd album.

Whilst elements of ‘The Endless River’ are somewhat challenging in some respects, there’s much to be enjoyed here. Much of the album is centred around the old recordings of Richard Wright, with Gilmour and Mason adding to their departed band member’s creative ideas with some notions of their own. ‘The Endless River’ seems to be one of the few albums to really showcase Wright’s talents, offering something truly wonderful for Pink Floyd fans who even care. There’s a wonderful flow to the album, with each track moving seamlessly into each other to create wonderful instrumental passages.

‘The Endless River’ is an interesting offer to Pink Floyd fans, the release being somewhat of a surprise considering there didn’t seem to be much need or desire for a new Pink Floyd album. The album experience offers up some wonderful moments, though the music being showcased on the album is hardly the strongest or best we’ve heard from Pink Floyd. It has to be said that the absence of Waters has affected the album’s output, as most of the sound seems to have the David Gilmour touch, sadly making some of the songs sound the same. A fair few tracks on the album seem to be little experimental ideas rather than fully fleshed out tracks, and thus their inclusion on the album is somewhat questionable.

The absence of Waters on what is highly likely the final Pink Floyd album is somewhat of a disappointment, though we shouldn’t forget that albums driven forward by Waters are equally poor as albums driven forward by Gilmour. Pink Floyd at their best featured each and every member of the band contributing towards one goal. ‘The Endless River’ misses this concept that makes Pink Floyd so great, though it does at least offer up a final memento to one of the bands’ most under-rated members. It’s not the absolute best material from one of the greatest progressive rock bands, though many fans of the band can at least be happy with the fact there is now another addition to their incredibly extensive discography.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • It’s What We Do
  • Anisina
  • Autumn ’68
  • Calling

Pink Floyd’s latest album ‘The Endless River’ is out now.

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One thought on “The Endless River – Pink Floyd

  1. The Activist

    A good review… But as Waters said very much to his credit that he hasn’t been a PF member since 1986,so we shouldn’t expect him on it.This is Rick Wrights swansong and I love it 🙂

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