Tides – Second Hand Heart

Melbourne’s alternative-rock band Second Hand Heart present their debut album ‘Tides’, showcasing an interesting slant on the alternative-rock genre. The debut album effort presents some very nice ideas and concepts, all enveloped in a rather dark and moody sound. Everything seems to contribute towards a very cohesive album experience, where each track contributes towards the album, whilst presenting the many talents and creative ideas from Second Hand Heart. It’s a rather impressive album experience, one that suggests very interesting things to come from this band.

‘Tides’ seem to be a more subtle album affair than most, taking great strides in its efforts to hold back, rather than over-do everything. Beautiful harmonious vocals present an eerie and dark yet somehow oddly comforting concept that runs throughout the album. The tracks being presented by the band come across as well constructed, with little elements coming in here and there to help push the music forward, adding to the picture being conjured up by the band. It’s an interesting slant on the varying genres being presented by the band, and one that results in a rather strong album effort.

Though there’s many strengths to ‘Tides’ as a debut album, we as listeners are being presented with a very unsettling album experience for the most part, and therefore one that is almost inaccessible to a point. Second Hand Heart do present a very strong sound, and with great confidence that works incredibly well for them, but those looking for a comforting sound will not find it here. ‘Tides’ comes across as a strong album experience, though it is one that perhaps shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

Second Hand Heart push out many strengths on their debut album effort, offering up some great ideas and concepts, both in the nature of the songs, and in how they are being presented by the band. Despite its dark and unsettling nature, ‘Tides’ is a very enjoyable album experience, offering up nicely composed tracks that really push forward all the natural talents of the band unit. It’s easy to see the strengths of the band, and hopefully this’ll be a band who’ll continue to push out strong music each and every time.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Spending My Time
  • Don’t Look Away
  • Trouble
  • Lions

Second Hand Heart’s debut album ‘Tides’ is out now.

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