Black Beacon – Glacier

Post-rock band Glacier offer up two new releases for the new year, the first being their main studio album ‘Kirtland’, and the second being an additional release ‘Black Beacon’. The new albums see Glacier really exploring the post-rock genre, drawing influence from a number of different bands, many of which explore very different sides to the genre. ‘Black Beacon’ offers up a rather grand post-rock experience, taking very strong influence from Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It’s easy to see why Glacier have opted to release ‘Black Beacon’ separately from ‘Kirtland’, though elements of the track do make it a weaker release by comparison.

On ‘Black Beacon’, Glacier seem to tread different ground than what is presented on ‘Kirtland’. ‘Black Beacon’ offers up a dark unsettling experience, showcasing great natural talent from the band. There’s a raw style being presented by the band, though this seems to work better for the band, expressing great passion for their own music. There’s natural raw talent from Glacier, which is expressed effortlessly on ‘Black Beacon’. There’s a lot to enjoy on ‘Black Beacon’, which certainly demonstrates its own right as a separate recording rather effortlessly, though elements of the track do raise some questions.

There’s many strengths to Glacier’s music, which is easy to see with each and every release the band pushes out. Whilst ‘Black Beacon’ does offer something interesting and enjoyable, it seems that the recording is perhaps a little too similar to Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s ‘East Hasting’ at times, particularly with the bass guitars. Certain sections and motifs in the track seem uncannily similar to the track, making the creative strengths of Glacier a little lost at times. Where Glacier’s own elements come through on the track, we see why the band have opted to showcase the recording, though there’s clear evidence why it was omitted from ‘Kirtland’.

‘Black Beacon’ comes across as heavily flawed in places, though elements of the track come across as highly enjoyable in their own right, pushing forward the creative talents of the hard-working band. ‘Black Beacon’ works well through its raw and edgier sound, whilst still sounding highly professional. The recording benefits from its own touches, though is let down by elements that lack originality. Even so, Glacier seem to be on the right path when it comes to their own branch of post-rock music, with both ‘Kirtland’ and ‘Black Beacon’ both demonstrating their strengths nicely.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Black Beacon

Glacier’s latest albums ‘Black Beacon’ & ‘Kirtland’ are out now.

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