Kirtland – Glacier

Post-rock band Glacier offer up two new releases, ‘Kirtland’, and an accompanying release ‘Black Beacon’. Across the two releases, Glacier showcase a phenomenal post-rock style, demonstrating great creative ideas in an interesting and diverse way. The first of the two albums ‘Kirtland’ showcases a rather heavy and aggressive style across two rather long yet satisfying tracks. Glacier’s style comes across as rather raw and rough at times, though the standard seems to be on the same level as many notable bands within the genre. ‘Kirtland’ is perhaps a little rough around the edges, though it pushes forward a great aggressive style in a remarkably confident fashion.

Glacier’s own slant on the post-rock style offers up some incredible creative ideas, fashioned together using the genre’s format, and presented with great confidence. Glacier offer up two rather lengthy compositions, both of which allow the band to really explore the genre and draw out some great ideas. There’s a great range of dynamics within the songs, ranging from slower moments that build up a base for the song, before reaching out into loud noisy crashes of post-rock aesthetics. It’s indulgent to avid listeners of the genre, who might go on to find Glacier’s slant on the genre to be one that offers incredible range and scope.

Glacier’s ‘Kirtland’ certainly offers an enjoyable post-rock experience, and whilst Glacier inject incredible amounts of confidence and creativity to most of their songs, other parts of the tracks seem don’t seem to come through so strongly. Certain sections of the track seem to present Glacier following on typical post-rock formats, without adding much more to the method except for their own enthusiasm (which does work on some level). Considering the great strengths Glacier have as a post-rock band, strengths which come through in many sections, it seems a shame that the band fall into the same trap many other post-rock bands do, which sadly results in a few sections on ‘Kirtland’ that is typical post-rock and nothing more.

Certain elements of ‘Kirtland’ present a rather safe bet from Glacier as a post-rock band, and whilst this is true to an extent, there’s also many other elements of the album that express great strength and great talent. What ‘Kirtland’ has that other post-rock albums might not is an incredible raw passion that is rare to find, as well as an incredible enthusiasm to create and present something great. ‘Kirtland’ is typical, but it is also passionate, and an incredible album effort in its own right. Perhaps Glacier could benefit from really drawing out their own ideas and concepts from the post-rock genre in the future, but for now they’re clearly on a good path.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • You’ll Love It Here Forever
  • Kirtland

Glacier’s latest albums ‘Kirtland’ & ‘Black Beacon’ are out now.

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