Let’s Take The World – Kevin Ahart

Jazz singer Kevin Ahart sets up for the release of his debut solo album ‘Let’s Take The World’. Inspired by his own idols Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet and Nat King Cole, Ahart takes the opportunity to really showcase himself, letting his own voice guide the way through a selection of covers of classic tracks, and a few additions of his own. ‘Let’s Take The World’ offers up a rather typical solo-jazz performer type of album, letting nice sounding vocals croon their way into people’s hearts, though Ahart’s material does raise a question of what exactly is new or interesting here?

‘Let’s Take The World’ is a quintessential album experience within its genre. We’re presented with Ahart at the foreground, everything else simply being a vehicle to move the vocals forward. It’s evident that Ahart is incredibly proficient at his craft. We’re presented with an incredibly natural and effortless voice that confidently pushes its way through each and every song. The album itself balances between cover tracks, both of classic jazz tracks and some more unusual selections, as well as compositions by Ahart and his team, all of which push forward the natural vocal talent.

Ahart has certainly pushed forward some interesting creative ideas, and whilst many of the elements on ‘Let’s Take The World’ sound naturally great, there doesn’t seem to be much ingenuity in the tracks. Most of the tracks just seem to just show off Ahart’s voice, without adding in anything that makes it sound unique. The album also demonstrates incredibly poor choices in song selections and arrangements, including a very questionable version of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, which seems to suck all the life out of the original with a newer and poorer arrangement.

Ahart has a lot of natural talent, but it seems very little of it has translated well on his debut album effort. All the technical aspects of the album are not just good, but incredible at times, but without something unique and special from Ahart himself, all we’re left with is another pale imitation of classic-sounding jazz albums. One can’t help but wonder why bother with Kevin Ahart if there’s other albums that not just sound exactly like this, but also better? Each and every technical element is here, but until Ahart can draw out himself into his performances, there’s not really much point in bothering at all.

 Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Oh So Good
  • Nightlife
  • A Heart That Will

Kevin Ahart’s debut album ‘Let’s Take The World’ is out now.

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