Light//-//Dark – Bernaccia

English rockers from Newcastle Upon Tyne Bernaccia offer up their latest musical effort ‘Light//-//Dark’. The new EP comprises four new tracks from the band, showcasing a strong and remarkably fun style of indie-rock music, featuring a few elements here and there of progressive rock and even hints of blues. Bernaccia showcase on their latest EP an enjoyable and strong style of indie-rock music, suggesting the same kind of appeal that is given off by The Afghan Whigs, though ultimately within their own style. ‘Light//-//Dark’ is a rather short listening experience, though one that showcases brilliantly everything the band have on offer.

Bernaccia present a very enjoyable rock style on their latest recording, one that seems to just get many of the elements right, resulting in tracks that feel fresh and enjoyable in their own right. There’s a wonderful driving force in each of the four songs, pushing everything along brilliantly in a way that’s hard to not rock your head too. There’s something almost indulgent and brilliant about the style of indie-rock Bernaccia present, which seems to work on most levels. Whilst there’s much Bernaccia do right on their latest EP release, it does sometimes feel that the band are perhaps capable of a little bit more than what their music is suggesting. Many elements come together nicely, but it feels as though Bernaccia as a band could be utilizing the indie-rock genre with their own talents much more than they seem to be doing at the moment.

‘Light//-//Dark’ is an enjoyable EP in its own right, showcasing the strengths of the band nicely, as well as most of their capabilities as a band working in this genre. At the moment it seems to be a good precursor to what more their is to come, showing off nicely what they can do, but perhaps holding back on some ideas until they release a full-album at some point in future. At the moment though, it’s not too hard to see the appeal of a band like this, who offer up a nice alternative to other bands working in the genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Street Life
  • Manifest
  • Blue Man

Bernaccia’s latest EP ‘Light//-//Dark’ is out now.

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