Pedals/Petals – Eluvium

Ambient musician Matthew Robert Cooper, better known as Eluvium, offers up the very welcome digital release of his 2014 EP ‘Pedals/Petals’. The originally vinyl-only release saw Cooper offering two ambient tracks roughly 10 minutes each in length, both featuring his now trademark ambient style. Although rather short, ‘Pedals/Petals’ offers up a very nice and inviting ambient musical experience, perfect for playing and letting wash over one’s self. Although the EP might not demonstrate any new techniques or ideas from Cooper, it does present what the musician does best, and in a very enjoyable way.

‘Pedals/Petals’ opens up in typical Eluvium fashion, by introducing a wave of electronic drone that is accompanied by ambient movements that swirl around like waves. There’s a wonderful driving force in both of the tracks, which offers up a very relaxing ambient experience, but one that also rewards attentive listening. Both tracks seem to follow similar forms and ideas, both constructed around similar notions, though they also seem to offer something different to each other, though in very subtle ways. The main elements at play here on ‘Pedals/Petals’ might not deviate all that much from most of Cooper’s other releases, and in fact sounds like a shorter and arguably more accessible version of ‘Catalin’, though there’s something lovely and enjoyable here still being offered.

Some might not find ‘Pedals/Petals’ to be all that impressive, though this rather brief record is certainly a reminder of the great amount of talent from Cooper. The ambient notions being offered on the two tracks feel almost effortless in their creation, though showcase the wonderful and complex style of Cooper in wonderful fashion. The way in which the ambient techniques wash over so wonderfully make this short EP a wonderful listening experience, and one that fits alongside nicely amongst everything else Cooper has released thus far.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Pedals
  • Petals

Eluvium’s latest EP ‘Pedals/Petals’ is available on Vinyl and on digital download on Bandcamp.

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