Nervous – Siskiyou

Following on from months and months of poor health, Canadian alternative rock band Siskiyou offer up their third studio album ‘Nervous’. The new album sees Colin Heubert taking influences from his poor health to offer up an incredible album experience, full of unsettling ideas and nervous emotions. ‘Nervous’ seems to depart from the warm and inviting sensibilities of Siskiyou’s previous albums, instead going for a much darker approach to the music. At times, it’s a little worrying, though the sheer power of the bands’ music in expressing these emotions so perfectly makes ‘Nervous’ a wonderful album experience, and arguably one of the best efforts thus far from the band.

On ‘Nervous’, Siskiyou seem to stray off of the arguably folk-inclined roots of their first two efforts, in favour of a much more powerful and punchier alternative rock style. ‘Nervous’ builds up wonderfully with a great array of instruments and techniques, fully supporting the incredibly haunting hushed whispers of lead singer Colin Heubert, whose vocal style dominates the record with careful uncertainty. Everything seems very meticulously planned, with every last detail working to push forward the overall tone and emotion of the album itself. It’s a wonderful effort from Siskiyou who seem to have propelled themselves forward within their genre.

Fans of Siskiyou might find the departure from the more gentle style of the first two albums to be somewhat disappointing. ‘Nervous’ is a warm and inviting album, but rather one that exercises caution with each of its songs. There are some familiar notes of the warmth we know from the band, though the album isn’t dominated by the tone. The departure might be a little bit much for fans of the first two efforts, but its easy to see the sheer amount of talent going into this record, which exudes brilliance at each and every corner. It’s dark, it’s worrying and it’s different but it’s dark, worrying and different for all of the right reasons.

Siskiyou seem to have outdone themselves on their latest record, pushing something forth that they can truly be proud of. ‘Nervous’ seems to outshine every other effort from the band, without actually demeaning the bands’ first efforts. ‘Nervous’ just works incredibly well as an album experience, with overlying arches in all the tracks cementing them all together, presenting a vision that Heubert wants to share. It’s a wonderful album effort that certainly makes Siskiyou a band worth taking note of.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Deserter
  • Violent Motion Pictures
  • Jesus in the 70’s
  • Nervous

Siskiyou’s third studio album ‘Nervous’ is out now on Constellation Records.

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