Wire Tones EP – Stefan Christoff & David Parker

Wire Tones ep cover

Musicians Stefan Christoff & David Parker team up for the release of ‘Wire Tones EP’, a short recording inspired by concerns over expansions of prison complexes in Canada. This rather short recording offers up semi-improvised music, featuring Christoff on piano and Parker on contrebasse. The recording sees the musicians utilizing samples to great effect, with the main focal point of the EP’s second track being an incredibly passionate speech by Kim Pate from the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies. ‘Wire Tones EP’ showcases the wonderful musical talents of both artists, as well as their ability to present incredibly passionate music about issues that are incredibly important to them.

‘Wire Tones EP’ seems to expand upon previous ideas and concepts we’ve seen before by Christoff, mostly in how the music offers up a gentle and relaxing tonal soundscape, backed up by a strong political message. Both Christoff and Parker contribute wonderfully to their shared vision on the EP, both utilizing their respective talents in very strong ways. Unlike previous releases by Christoff, where political ideas and notions are presented purely through instrumental music, ‘Wire Tones EP’ utilizes a sample from Kim Pate to help push forward the political message behind the EP. The sample works incredibly well alongside the wonderful music by Christoff and Parker, helping us as listeners to gain a greater understanding of the worries being felt by these artists. It’s arguable that the choice to use samples, instead of relying purely on the instrumental music, perhaps hurts the EP’s appeal, though the choice do to so seems to work incredibly well.

Christoff & Parker’s ‘Wire Tones EP’ is perhaps a little unconventional in some areas, though it works wonderfully as a great expression of talent, and an expression of important issues. It’s easy to see that the main issue being pushed forward by Christoff & Parker is an issue that means something to the both of them, which comes across well on the EP itself. ‘Wire Tones’ is incredibly short in some respects, though it offers up a lovely musical journey, and one that is also rather thought provoking.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Shifting Skies
  • Beyond Injustice (Feat. Kim Pate from the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies)
  • Shafts of Light

Stefan Christoff & David Parker’s latest release ‘Wire Tones EP’ is out now and available through Howl! Arts Records.

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