Between the Surface and the Sun – In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits

Musician Ian Bonnar, working under the moniker of ‘In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits’, offers up his debut album effort titled ‘Between the Surface and the Sun’. The new album showcases Bonnar’s interesting style of alternative folk-rock, which offers a very dark and mysterious experience expressed through folk aesthetics and ideals. There’s an almost experimental style to Bonnar’s music, which sees the musician drawing out interesting ideas and notions in traditional elements of the genres he works within, resulting in a mostly enjoyable album experience.

‘Between The Surface and the Sun’ treads along familiar ground genre-wise. Much of the album offers up elements of folk-rock and alternative-rock in equal measures. It’s in Bonnar’s approach to these genres that we see the interesting side to the album itself. Much of the album occupies a rather dark setting, giving real character to the tracks on the album itself. Many of the tracks easily and effortlessly contribute to this overall thematic setting, giving the album experience a comfortable flow as it progresses from track to track.

Whilst there’s some enjoyable elements to the album, and some nice creative ideas being presented by Bonnar, it seems that the album itself is perhaps one that tries to be much more adventurous than it actually is. There’s some experimental ideas on the album, but nothing that feels all that innovative or even impressive. The music being presented on the album is certainly enjoyable within its own rights, and do demonstrate some nice ideas here and there, but there’s nothing that creates an incredible lasting impression.

‘Between the Surface and the Sun’ might not come across as an incredibly impressive album, though the whole effort is one that is distinctly above the average album the genre occupies. Bonnar’ presents some interesting ideas in some rather interesting ways, showing a good creative talent in drawing a little bit more out of music than the average musician might think to do so. ‘Between the Surface and the Sun’ has its moments as an album, and though it’s got some weak elements here and there, it does showcase the beginning stages of Bonnar’s style of music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Transition
  • The Vampire Light
  • Burning Man
  • Looking for a Cure

In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits’ debut album ‘Between the Surface and the Sun’ is out now on Seashell Records.

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