Spilled My Love EP – Mo Evans

Singer-songwriter Mo Evans offers up his latest EP release ‘Spilled My Love’. Comprising of four tracks, ‘Spilled My Love’ offers up a nice and enjoyable insight into the creative talents of this young and upcoming performer. There’s some pop-sensibilities to the music being presented by Evans, though with many enjoyable elements as well. ‘Spilled My Love’ is certainly an enjoyable EP experience, one that showcases the charisma and talents of the performer very well, though one that also suffers from the odd cliche here and there that sadly weakens the overall experience somewhat.

At the forefront of the EP is Mo Evans himself, who just pushes out everything he has to offer in great amounts, resulting in what comes across as a very strong and enjoyable EP experience. The four tracks each offer something a little different to each other, showcasing creative talent in nice amounts. There’s a wonderful energy to Evans’ performance in the music, suggesting great amounts of natural charisma that certainly gives an edge to the music itself. Whilst the whole EP is highly enjoyable, the main weakness seems to be in Evans’ lyrics, which border on the cliched at times, and thus sadly weakens the overall impact of Evans’ music to a small degree. The creative elements of the EP itself manage to shadow out the flaws in the music, though they are perhaps elements that need consideration in future.

Even with its flaws here and there, Mo Evans has pushed out a wonderful debut effort with ‘Spilled My Love’. There’s much to enjoy here, with Evans offering up incredibly enjoyable pop-music with great amounts of creativity. It’s hard not to be drawn into Evans’ little world he presents on his latest EP effort, a world that is rather enjoyable for the most part. ‘Spilled My Love’ is a wonderful little EP effort that perfectly presents everything Evans has to offer, and with a little tinkering here and there, Evans could become a truly great up and coming artist.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Spilled My Love
  • You Wanted Love

Mo Evans’ EP ‘Spilled My Love’ is out now.

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