Coming Up For Air – Kodaline

Irish rock-band Kodaline offer up the follow-up to their 2013 album effort ‘In A Perfect World’ with the release of ‘Coming Up For Air’. The new album sees Kodaline abandoning the rather gentle and somewhat subtle elements of their debut effort in favour of popular musical elements and highly cliched lyrics. ‘Coming Up For Air’ sees Kodaline offering up a carbon-copy of a various bands including Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie, though without any life in their music. It seems Kodaline have opted to go for the easiest route on their sophomore album, resulting in an incredibly uninspired and uncreative effort.

‘Coming Up For Air’ sees Kodaline offering up the bare minimum in terms of what they’re capable of. The bands’ debut effort didn’t astound or amaze audiences, but it had a few enjoyable elements here and there, many of which could result in an enjoyable album experience. On their latest effort, it seems the band haven’t gone and refined their strengths, but instead have just gotten lazier and pushed out whatever they thought was good enough for them. There’s little structure on the album, no cohesiveness as we’re bombarded with different styles of music that don’t seem to match up. It’s a lazy album effort that have done Kodaline no favours.

Kodaline’s latest effort sees the band indulging in lazy pop-rock ideals. Some tracks seem to pump everything up without reaching anything, whilst others attempt to strip everything back to present sincerity without being sincere. Everything feels incredibly lifeless, with there being no real effort to actually present anything of interest, and instead just push out the absolute bare minimum. On top of the quality of the album being incredibly poor, Kodaline have also opted for this album to be a long haul. ‘Coming Up For Air’ doesn’t just offer poor music, but it does for for around an hour of your time.

It seems like Kodaline have attempted to emulate some of their influences on their latest effort, but have sadly done so without adding any of their own character or flair into the mix. Everything feels like a pale imitation of something else, with nothing ever standing out as interesting. Every good element of the bands’ first album seems to be completely missing on this follow-up release, with it being replaced by dull, cliched and uninspired ideas that result in nothing of worth. ‘Coming Up For Air’ is a very poor album release, and one that has done Kodaline no favours at all, what with it being lazy, uninspired, dull and far too long as well.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆  1/5

Selected Songs:

  • None

Kodaline’s second studio album ‘Coming Up For Air’ is out now.

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