Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet – Alexandre St-Onge

Experimental artist Alexandre St-Onge offers up his latest solo release on Squint Fucker Press (a record label started by himself and Christof Migone). The new album ‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’, which roughly translates as the subject modifying the subject, sees St-Onge indulging in pure experimental music practise, presenting forth another bizarre and challenging musical release. The release through Squint Fucker Press follows on from a string of odd experimental albums, even down to its release, which comes as a ‘download code on crumpled rolling paper with sales slip and matchbook in a brown paper bag’.

‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’ follows on from a string of experimental releases by St-Onge, seeing the artist indulging in improvisational techniques using a variety of instruments. At times, it’s hard to make out what is being utilized on ‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’, though each little techniques and idea seems to form together a very unusual coherency. The main dominating force of the record seems to be St-Onge’s contrbasse, which pushes most of the recording forward through odd unstructured improvisation, though through this process somehow giving the recording its structure. It’s an unusual release which seems to be a bigger dip into avante-garde performances, even for someone like St-Onge.

Alexandre St-Onge has released a wide variety of releases throughout his career, both in his solo endeavors, and through work in many different bands. ‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’ seems to fall into St-Onge’s very experimental records, and thus might come across as rather inaccessible, even for those who are a fan of the artist. At times, the record can be a fair amount to get one’s head around. At times, there seems to be coherency, and at others, none at all. This is some of the appeal of St-Onge’s work, though the methods and ideas utilized here clearly aren’t for everyone.

‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’ comes across as a rather typical and expected release from both St-Onge and Squint Fucker Press, though it is one that still has its own surprises and turns here and there. We expect the experimental techniques and ideas, and unusual inaccessible methods, though we don’t expect the actual sound that comes out of these records. ‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’ is certainly unusual and quite odd for the most part, though it’s a release that can still be enjoyed within its own right, and a wonderful return to form from Squint Fucker Press after a few years of inactivity.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

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Alexandre St-Onge’s latest solo album ‘Le Sujet Modifiant Le Sujet’ is out now on Squint Fucker Press.

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