Claudio Cataldi Soundtracks – Claudio Cataldi

Musician and composer Claudio Cataldi offers up a new and interesting release with ‘Claudio Cataldi Soundtracks’, a release comprising of very short tracks composed for a number of short experimental films. The new release comes on mini-CDr, and features 13 short soundscapes, featuring Cataldi indulging nicely in experimental notions and ideas. ‘Claudio Cataldi Soundtracks’ feels much like an experimental release, though one with many accessible and enjoyable elements, mostly in how Cataldi conjures up different ideas and imagery though a number of different techniques. There’s many nice ideas being presented by Cataldi, which results in an interesting listening experience where different ideas and notions have only the briefest moments to make their intentions known.

‘Claudio Cataldi Soundtracks’ in some ways expands on some of the ideas and notions previously explored on some of Cataldi’s previous releases. Much of Cataldi’s musical formats we’ve heard on some of his previous releases work their way into the 13 short tracks on his latest release, though the album features its own concepts, broadening the talents of the composer. Each track offers up a little idea, presented through nicely built up instrumentals. The release is perhaps not the strongest material Cataldi has released in his career, though it comes across as one of his more enjoyable. ‘Claudio Cataldi Soundtracks’ sees the composer pushing out every ounce of talent in one form or another to build up an interesting, though incredibly short album experience. Some tracks being presented by Cataldi come across as much stronger than some of their counterparts, though each track seems to cement itself, pushing out some image that Cataldi is presenting.

Claudio Cataldi’s short experimental album at times suffers from its experimental notions, coming across as a release that is in some ways inaccessible, or simply not something each and every person can enjoy. This seems to be a release purely for fans of the musician, happy to hear the composer indulging his own wide range of styles in so many interesting ways. The release can easily be enjoyed out of context from the film counterparts, with each track showcasing musical styles and notions that are for the most part enjoyable. The album might perhaps fall into a very niche category, though there’s definitely something at heart here.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The Last Waltz
  • Fjord
  • Viaducto pt.2
  • Bd. Theme

Claudio Cataldi’s upcoming album ‘Claudio Cataldi Soundtracks’ is set for release on 22nd March 2015.

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