Inattendu – Fanny Alexandre

Inattendu cover art

Experimental artist Alexandre St-Onge teams up with his partner Fanny for their collaborative effort ‘Innatendu’, released under the title of Fanny Alexandre. The new release offers up an eclectic mix of experimental notions and ideas, many of which have been explored on previously through other collaborations on previous releases by Alexandre St-Onge. ‘Inattendu’ arguably sees Fanny taking the foreground, offering up ghostly ethereal vocals, accompanied by electronic ambient notions. Those who enjoyed previous Alexandre St-Onge releases such as 2007’s ‘Mon Animal Est Possible’ will find a fair amount to enjoy on ‘Inattendu’, which seems to deploy similar concepts and ideas of experimentation.

There’s a sparse element to ‘Inattendu’, which seems to deploy the briefest of instrumental passages to accompany Fanny’s vocal style. Everything results in a ghostly sounding musical experience, one that feels much more unsettling and sinister than some of St-Onge’s previous releases, though is equally as enjoyable. Many of the elements and techniques used on the EP feel rather held back for the most part, never pouring out into loud moments but instead remaining quiet and intimate, allowing for the music to speak for itself. The sparse elements of the album might disappoint some listeners, who might expect more layers of musical techniques in the music itself, though those open to what both artists are trying to express will more than likely find ‘Inattendu’ and enjoyable listening experience.

There’s very subtle elements to ‘Inattendu’, which comes across as another ethereal and ghostly album experience. At times the album suffers from repetitive qualities between each track, though this also works in favor of the album, tie-ing together each track to present an overall thematic theme.  ‘Inattendu’ is perhaps not St-Onge’s or Fanny’s most ambitious work the two artists have attempted, though there’s still much to enjoy, especially to fans of St-Onge’s very unusual and experimental style.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Tranche
  • Inattendu
  • Terrifiance
  • Genou

Fanny Alexandre’s latest album ‘Innatendu’ is out now.

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