Rise – Jessica93

Musician Geoffroy Laporte, working under the moniker of Jessica93, offers up his latest album ‘Rise’. The new album sees Laporte offering up a mix of genres, combining together elements of shoegaze, lo-fi and even elements of sludge, to create a vibrant mix of dark gothic music. ‘Rise’ is ultimately a dark album experience, everything washed in layers of noise and fuzz, though hardly to the point of being incoherent. Laporte presents great amounts of talent in terms of creating music, showcasing a great range of styles and techniques, all of which combine together seamlessly in the creation of a full album experience.

Laporte seems to have kicked everything up a notch since the release of ‘Who Cares’. On ‘Rise’, everything comes across as much more meticulously planned out, with care and consideration going into the writing and production of the songs. This doesn’t come with a loss of any impact of the music itself, but instead benefits the whole album experience, showing Laporte to be a musician as one whose really setting out to create something true to himself. There’s a wonderful indulgence of dark music that the album offers plentifully, which comes across as more than just a heavy noisy album. Each track flows into each other effortlessly, giving the whole album experience great character, making it one where both the songs can be enjoyed in context of the album itself, and as separate listening experiences.

If any criticism is to be found, it might perhaps be in the rather similar nature of each of the songs. Laporte demonstrates some wonderful styles and genres on ‘Rise’, though this is without much variance in terms of how the songs are presented on the album itself. Each track seems to indulge in very dark elements, giving a rather repetitive quality to a few of the tracks as it progresses through. This both affects the album, but also works in its favor, as it gives each song context in terms of the overall album experience. Laporte could perhaps do more to push his own personal boat out, though enough has arguably been done to make ‘Rise’ a strong album experience.

Most of the elements, ideas and techniques poured into ‘Rise’ work well to make the whole album an enjoyable and strong one. There’s much to enjoy here, especially to those who favor dark and noisy music. Laporte’s techniques and ideas demonstrate great talent, which are all very admirable considering the whole album has been performed solo by Laporte. ‘Rise’ is more than just a good follow-up to ‘Who Cares’, it’s also a stronger album experience that demonstrates even more promise and talent. It’s not something for everyone, but there’s definitely something here to appeal to a great many people.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Now
  • Karmic Debt
  • Surmatants
  • Inertia

Jessica93’s latest album ‘Rise’ is out now.

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