One Real Big Identity Crisis – The Permanent Smilers

Norfolk alternative rock band The Permanent Smilers showcase their latest album effort ‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’. The new album sees the band combining bizarre and seemingly unfitting elements and influences all together in one big album effort, resulting in a surprisingly coherent and highly enjoyable album experience. ‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’ offers up a fun and amusing blend of alternative rock genres, with levels of humor coming through nicely in the lyrics. There’s a few twists and surprises on the road through this album, many of which come across as utterly left-field, though ultimately work very well in presenting the overall album concept.

‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’ comes across as a very amusing album experience, one that entertains, without being dominated by pure comedic formats and genres. The Permanent Smilers present a strong album experience, one featuring very enjoyable music that entertains for a variety of reasons. The Permanent Smilers present strongly structured music, most of which is easily understandable and accessible, though at other times suddenly switches and changes into unexpected yet oddly delightful sections. At times, it’s rather mad, though overall a strong album experience that presents good talents in song-writing, composing and presentation.

Whilst many elements on the album work well, there’s some sections to the album that arguably seem to wane somewhat. As the album progresses, it feels as though everything starts to lose momentum, and instead falls back into easier structures and ideas. It’s almost as though The Permanent Smilers had began to run out of ideas, and instead slapped together whatever they could conjure up in the hope that it would work as well as the rest of the album. Although some of the tracks demonstrate weaker qualities, natural creative talent results in the weaker songs still working nicely on the album, though a few come across as unmemorable.

There’s many strong elements to ‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’, which has some nice elements of experimentation, though the overall album experience is let down by a few elements which don’t really match up to the standard the rest of the album presents. When the album works, it really works, showing some real promise and some wonderfully presented ideas. There is a lot to be enjoyed on ‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’, which offers up humor without ever forcing it, which features experimentation that oddly enough seems and feels coherent, and at the end of the day, simply offers good enjoyable music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Uh-Oh
  • Ghosts
  • Rebel
  • See Through You

The Permanent Smiler’s upcoming album ‘One Real Big Identity Crisis’ is set for release in April.

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