Rise To Infamy – Cowards

The unrelenting hardcore sludge band Cowards offer their sophomore album release ‘Rise To Infamy’. The new album sees this Parisian quintet bombarding their audience with terrifying walls of sound, offering up an incredibly challenging listening experience that could perhaps be a bit much even for the most loyal of hardcore music fans. The passionate and unrelenting energy Cowards offer on their latest release is certainly admirable in some senses, though much of ‘Rise To Infamy’ offers a brutal sound without varying it in any interesting way, resulting in an album that quickly becomes a little dull, even with its brutal intentions.

‘Rise To Infamy’ offers up brutal and aggressive layers of sludgy-metal music, certainly pleasing to fans of the genre. It’s hard to ignore the incredible energy that Cowards offer up, which drives through the entire length of the album, never once setting itself aside to allow rest. Everything is just savage and harsh from the very beginning and right up to the very end. It’s in this passionate energy we see the strengths of a band like Cowards, who certainly showcase a great understanding of driving forward energy for long passages of time.

Even though Cowards present a great energy on their latest album, much of the album’s appealing elements seem to wane incredibly quickly. Every single track seems to just sound too similar too each other, suggesting that there’s not much ingenuity or inventive talent from Cowards as a band. Whilst the aggressive elements are appealing for a time,  they soon quickly become dull and after a while everything that works becomes a weakness, making the entire album experience one that bores more than it entertains.

There’s some hints of strong elements on ‘Rise To Infamy’, but for the most part, it seems this record has fallen horribly flat. There’s simply not enough happening to make it a record worth bothering with. Cowards have a passionate drive in the presentation of their music, but their actual music is just too weak to support the kind of angle Cowards are going for. There’s definitely some credible elements to Cowards as a band, but when it comes to their album ‘Rise To Infamy’, there’s not really much worth bothering with.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Never To Shine

Cowards’ latest album ‘Rise To Infamy’ is out now.

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