Drunktalk – Billy Momo

Swedish urban-folk act Billy Momo offer up their sophomore album effort ‘Drunktalk’. The new album sees the band offering up a fun and light-hearted selection of folk/alternative rock tracks, utilizing many strengths of varying genres to good effect. There’s a fun and almost sweet element to ‘Drunktalk’, which seems to showcase the band as really enjoying themselves as they push out their latest album effort. At times, ‘Drunktalk’ seems to fall into arguable elements of mediocrity as the band push out music that doesn’t add much to the album, or showcase much interesting talent, though there’s a fair few enjoyable elements on the album.

‘Drunktalk’ offers up an interesting album experience for the most part. There’s roots of folk music at the core of the album, though the whole experience hardly feels restricted to this genre, and instead allows itself to utilize different elements and ideas to add more to the music itself. There’s some very nice pacing to a few of the songs, showcasing some strong ideas as well as good presentation of these said ideas. Billy Momo present some nice ideas at times on ‘Drunktalk’ that are of very good quality, being as strong as some of the most popular acts currently working in this genre today.

There’s some strong elements to ‘Drunktalk’, but they don’t seem to help the album’s negative traits all that much. At times, ‘Drunktalk’ seems to fall back into dull elements that don’t add much to the album, or showcase anything of interest. A significant chunk of the album seems to be filled up with filler material, there only to pace out the album rather than assist and support the album itself. It’s a shame as when Billy Momo present strong material, it really works, but it sadly doesn’t continue throughout the entire album experience, and thus makes the whole album come across as weak for the most part.

There’s some good enjoyable elements on ‘Drunktalk’, but it seems not enough has been done to elevate the album over its negative points. Not every track has been cohesively planned out and structured to the same level as some of the album’s strong points, which affects the overall album experience quite a bit. When the album does work, it works well, and showcases some good strong talent from the band, though as a whole album experience, not enough has been done to make this a strong and consistently enjoyable album experience.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • I’ve Got You
  • Shine Like The Devil
  • Drifting Away
  • Headlights

Billy Momo’s latest album ‘Drunktalk’ is out now.

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