I’ll Be Fine – Ethan Jano

Singer-songwriter Ethan Jano offers up his debut album ‘I’ll Be Fine’. Taking influence from traditional country-folk artists and bands, Jano pushes out a rather impressive debut album experience, one that showcases and highlights great natural talent from this upcoming performer. ‘I’ll Be Fine’ sees Jano pushing out every ounce of talent in the form of his own song-writing, showing remarkable promise for someone so young. There’s a lot to enjoy here from Jano, though his debut album seems to fall into a few holes that the genre itself presents.

‘I’ll Be Fine’ comes across as a strong debut for the most part. Jano presents his own style of singer-songwriter music with incredible confidence and ease, making everything sound incredibly natural. Nothing feels overdone or blown out of proportion on the album, which effortlessly flows along with natural and comfortable ease. At the forefront of everything is of course Ethan Jano himself, who presents himself as a rather deep thinker about varying issues and concepts. There’s few lyrical cliches here, which is rather refreshing to hear within a genre that is so full of them from the average artist.

There’s many strengths to ‘I’ll Be Fine’, though it seems Jano falls into some traps that the genre presents. Whilst there’s some great ideas being presented by Jano, it seems the musical elements of the album aren’t all that impressive. There’s a few repetitive qualities in a few of the songs, failing to present all that much ingenuity when it comes to the musical elements of the album. The real strength of the album seem to fall to Jano’s natural voice and lyrics, though it seems there’s been a bit of neglect in the musical elements of the album, something that deserves consideration.

Even though the album falters at times, ‘I’ll Be Fine’ still comes across as a strong debut effort, and one that highlights remarkable promise from such a young musician. There’s a lot of natural talent, which forms one of the main appealing elements of this album. It’s certainly refreshing to hear such a songwriter put as much thought into his lyrics and the message it presents as Jano does, which makes ‘I’ll Be Fine’ a rather thought-provoking album experience at times.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • On The Way Back Down
  • All I Need Is You
  • I Won’t Go
  • The Perfect Space

Ethan Jano’s debut album ‘I’ll Be Fine’ is out now.

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