The Longest Year On Record – A Troop Of Echoes

Post-Rock band A Troop Of Echoes present their latest album ‘The Longest Year On Record’. The new album sees the band offering up their most cohesive and structured album yet, showcasing an incredibly paced and punchy post-rock experience. ‘The Longest Year On Record’ shows the band demonstrating the absolute best qualities of post-rock music, using its varying elements to great effect, whilst also adding in a few ideas and notions of their own to allow themselves to stand out amongst the genre. There’s an incredible energy to ‘The Longest Year On Record’, making it an album worthy of recognition from any fan of the genre.

On their latest album, we see A Troop Of Echoes pushing out everything they have to offer. Everything on the album feels incredibly well planned and thought-out, showing a meticulous side to the band in their effort to create something they can truly be proud of. There’s a wonderful cohesive element to the album as it progresses along, with each and every track contributing brilliantly to the overall album experience. A Troop Of Echoes utilize their different talents to great effect, creating a post-rock experience that is simply enjoyable. It’s passionate and energetic post-rock at its best, and one that manages to stand out amongst others within the genre.

It’s arguable that at times, ‘The Longest Year On Record’ falls back somewhat into elements of repetitiveness. Most of the tracks on the album offer up an incredibly fast-paced experience, and whilst it works well for the most part, it perhaps fails to show all that much variety from A Troop Of Echoes. There’s evidence of great talent on the record, though it perhaps feels that it could be channeled into other areas at times, utilizing all elements of the post-rock genre rather than just a few.

Even though there’s a few repetitive qualities on ‘The Longest Year On Record’, we’re still being offered a phenomenal and passionate album experience. What A Troop Of Echoes do right, they do so well that it’s hard not to enjoy this album experience.  Each track seems to work well with each other, making the whole album feel well structured and well thought-out. ‘The Longest Year On Record’ is a very strong album, and one that positions A Troop Of Echoes well above the average band working within the post-rock genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Small Fires
  • Kereosene
  • Constellation
  • The Longest Year On Record

A Troop Of Echoes’ latest album ‘The Longest Year On Record’ is out now.

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  1. rad!

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