Against The Wind – Mountain Men

Blues band Mountain Men offer up their follow up album to their 2012 album ‘Hope’ with their third studio-album effort ‘Against The Wind’. The new album sees the band pushing forward everything they’ve got, offering up one of their most intimate and enjoyable albums thus far. ‘Against The Wind’ seems to showcase Mountain Men taking their every strength and pushing it out to the best of their abilities, offering up a true successor to their brilliant previous album effort. There’s a wonderful form and shape to ‘Against The Wind’, which offers up quintessential blues in Mountain Men’s brilliant style.

On their latest effort, Mountain Men seem to push forward the heavier rock elements of their previous album, hardly repeating their earlier successes, but instead building up from what they’ve already managed to establish. Everything seems to work incredibly well on this third album effort, which is arguably Mountain Men at their best. The pure blues form of the music is presented wonderfully by band members Mr Mat and Barefoot Iano, who push everything forward with incredibly energy and passion. There’s a wonderful honesty and sense of enjoyment coming out of the music itself, making the music itself all that more enjoyable.

There’s many elements to ‘Against The Wind’ that just simply work well, from the wonderful format of the genre the band present, to the way they present it on the album itself. It’s somewhat arguable that Mountain Men are pushing forward another album of the same material they’ve released before, though ‘Against The Wind’ seems to be a much stronger album effort, and one that sees them not repeating their strengths, but instead elevating it and really pushing it to much greater effect. Every enjoyable element from previous Mountain Men songs and albums seems to have been pushed out ten-fold on their latest album effort.

There’s something incredibly wonderful about ‘Against The Wind’, which comes across as wonderfully honest and passionate music. Mountain Men have a brilliant and rather unique style going for them, and once again have managed to utilize their own strengths to great effect. ‘Against The Wind’ comes across as a true successor to the bands’ previous album effort, one that doesn’t overshadow their previous efforts, but sees them taking even more great strides with each release. Mountain Men have a truly wonderful style going for them, and it’s certainly wonderful to see that nothing has been lost on their latest effort, but instead gained in great amounts.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Never Give Up
  • Ride It All The Way
  • Spoonfed
  • Gonna Waltz

Mountain Men’s third studio album ‘Against The Wind’ is out now.

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3 thoughts on “Against The Wind – Mountain Men

  1. hey gareth,
    many thanks for your review.
    mate if you keep saying nice things like that about us we’ll end up being friends one day.
    take care,

  2. Steve Dale

    Hey Gareth …you keep saying nice things about my brother Iano and Mr. Mat and you risk becoming part of the family…be afraid, very afra…etc. Just kidding mate but nice review…again.
    I have only heard the 2 new tracks available,on the youtube thingo, “Ride it all the way” and “Never give up” but agree with that stronger sound being reflective of the punchier nuances on “Hope”. Mr Mat sounds to be pushing the bass line a bit harder which adds a grittier, rocky, power edge to their Blues. I look forward to the arrival of the CD which Ian has mailed to Australia so I can become more familiar with the rest of the album.
    We are coming to France on July 1 for a 6.5 month “trip of a lifetime” and will be trying to catch MM at a few gigs but also spending 1 month in Ireland and 1.5 months in England. Might catch up with you for a beer at a gig in a pub somewhere listening to…someone…that’s if you are in Europe even!?
    Cheers Steve

    • Hello Steve!

      Thanks also for the kind comment (alongside the useful e-mail). I’d love to know your opinions on the album as well once it arrives. Could it be my favourite Mountain Men album so far? Perhaps!

      In answer to your question I am in Europe! England to be precise, and the county Kent to be even more precise. I live in a small town that’s not really in the middle of nowhere, but sadly no where interesting. If your travels take you anywhere near my end of the woods feel free to send over another e-mail or so. We’ve a few wonderful local bands that might catch your interest. I know some point in September we have our annual ‘Hope Festival’, celebrating beer and great music. Perhaps Mountain Men can be convinced to play there one day. In any case though, I hope you have an amazing trip. I’ve a lot of family in Ireland, and it’s an absolutely beautiful and wonderful place, and England isn’t too bad either, so I know you and your family will have a great time.

      Thanks once again for the kind words, and I wish you all the best.


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