L’Effondras – L’Eddondras

Post-rock group L’Effondras offer up their debut self-titled album effort, and unrelenting and forceful album experience certain to please fans of more heavier versions of post-rock music. On their debut effort, L’Effondras go full force in their music, offering incredible dynamics between quiet instrumental passages and loud heavy moments. L’Effondras have an incredible energy to their music, one that suggests much more care and attention than the average post-rock act. At times, it’s arguable that ‘L’Effondras’ falls into the category of typical post-rock music, though the band’s sheer amount of energy and dedication elevate their music far above the average.

For their debut effort, L’Effondras seem to push out everything they have going for themselves, utilizing the post-rock genre and formats to their own advantage to showcase a tremendously powerful musical experience. There’s almost an explosive quality to a few of the tracks as the music builds up effortlessly before crashing into hugely powerful instrumental sections. It’s in the bands’ unrelenting energy that we see the appeal of their branch of instrumental rock music, and the way they morph and shift everything into a cohesive vision. Everything feels very well structured and planned out, making this a strong effort that is easily accessible for fans of the genre.

Whilst there’s many merits to ‘L’Effondras’, it has to be noted that the album does seem to fall into some of the traps the genre lays out for itself. At times, L’Effondras seem to indulge a little too much in cresendocore formats and techniques, which at times works well in a few of the songs, but can arguably get a little tiresome after a while. Certain techniques that show great artistic merit don’t seem to dominate the album as much as one would prefer, which instead allows loud noisy passages to take precedent in the recording. L’Effondras do make the style work well for themselves, though seeing their creativity channeled into different territories would certainly result in something incredibly interesting.

Certain elements on ‘L’Effondras’ might be scoffed by certain fans of the post-rock genre, though those who are generally up for anything will find a lot to enjoy on this debut effort. Phenomenal energy and performance certainly elevates the album above the common norm within the genre, showcasing a very strong understanding of the genre and just what it takes to present the genre in a strong and enjoyable way. ‘L’Effondras’ is a strong debut album effort, one that arguably doesn’t highlight the absolute best elements of the genre it occupies, but one that does demonstrate some incredibly strong capabilities of this up and coming band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Amhra
  • L’Âne Rouge
  • Caput Corvi (Part I)
  • Caput Covri (Part II)

L’Effondras’ debut album ‘L’Effondras’ is out now.

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