You Can Have All The Wonders – From Kid

Swedish electronic band From Kid offer their debut album release ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’. The new album sees this electronic act offering up an enjoyable selection of synth-pop tracks, though ultimately with a little bit more going for it than what we often see within the genre. For their debut release, From Kid showcase everything they have to offer, showcasing an enjoyable style of music that is ultimately catchy and easily accessible. Most of the tracks on ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’ offer up a dreamy soundscape, where little details have been considered in order to push forward a strong album effort.

Though not dominated by the genre, there’s a strong presence of synth-pop elements on ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’. From Kid seem to take varying elements from different genres, packaging them all up in a cohesive manner that brings out the best of the dominating genre. Everything feels well structured and very cohesive, with each track contributing nicely to the overall album effort. Vocal harmonies provide a lot of strength to the tracks themselves, using electronic elements here and there to bring more life out of the music itself. It’s an apparent strong effort, and one that highlights the many strengths of From Kid.

Whilst there’s many strong elements to ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’, there’s a few elements which might raise a few eyebrows here or there, or even be snubbed by those expecting something else from music of this genre. There’s a good mixture of downbeat tracks, bordering on trip-hop elements on a few occasions, which might perhaps turn those away expecting a much more upbeat experience, or even vice-versa for those expecting more downbeat elements when the album indulges in upbeat and catchy music. It’s perhaps arguable that ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’ might try to juggle a bit too much, though everything pushed forward by the band feature many strong elements in their own rights.

Even with everything it tries to tackle with in one go, there’s still a lot being presented by the band that makes ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’ a strong and enjoyable album effort. From Kid seem to have pushed forward a number of strong strengths from a genre that has many weaknesses. The rather downbeat nature of most of the tracks might perhaps turn heads, though there’s an equal number of strengths there than there are in the more upbeat tracks. From Kid’s debut effort is one with great promise, suggesting great things to come from this up and coming band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Applause
  • Itself
  • Wonders
  • Waltz

From Kid’s debut album ‘You Can Have All The Wonders’ is out now.

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