12-12 – Stefano Licio

Musician Stefano Licio offers up his debut album effort ’12-12′, showcasing his rock styling across a mostly enjoyable range of tracks. ’12-12′ sees Licio showcasing his own style of rock music, utilizing his own talents as a performer and a composer to push out an enjoyable and mostly accessible album experience. Much of Licio’s style offers up rock elements in a wholly instrumental fashion, arguably bordering on elements of post-rock, though stemmed in much more traditional formats of rock music. Licio demonstrates strong talent on his debut effort though the album itself seems to become a rather repetitive experiences it progresses along.

For his debut effort, Licio showcases everything he has going for himself, pushing out every creative talent he can muster in the form of instrumental rock music. Strong appealing elements come from Licio’s strong performances, weaving together guitar lines and solos with incredible and natural ease. There’s a nice energy to most of the tracks being presented on the album, most of which showcase the strong creative talent which Licio posses. When the album works, it demonstrates strong qualities of great showmanship, where indulgence of creative talent can flourish in the form of music.

Although there’s a lot of merit to Licio’s natural talent, though it seems to have been presented in a very limited way on his debut effort. There’s enjoyable elements to a few of the tracks on ’12-12′ but many seem to be dominated by similar formats and techniques, not really demonstrating much ingenuity within the genre. A repetitive quality seems to dominate the album after some time, resulting in much of the album experience being a rather dull and very limited. There are enjoyable elements present on the album, but it seems as though Licio is too limited in what he can present.

A few tracks demonstrate some very enjoyable techniques and good strong talent, but as an album experience, ’12-12′ is a little too thinly spread to result in something all that interesting. There’s some great talent being presented by Licio on his debut album effort, though most of it seems to be channeled in a very limited way, all pushed into similar sounding and structured tracks, where there’s been little inventive qualities or even much exploration of the genre itself. There’s some nice creative elements being presented by Licio from time to time, resulting in enjoyable instrumental rock music, though more creative elements and exploration would certainly benefit.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Tip Toeing Loudly
  • Purple
  • Br1212 (Suite) Awakened, Fight and Fear, Acceptance

Stefano Licio’ debut album ’12-12′ is out now.

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