Skullsplitter -Eric Chenaux

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Over the years Eric Chenaux’s albums have bordered lands where unusual experimental elements intertwine into beautiful sonic layers of singer-songwriter structures. Chenaux’s latest effort ‘Skullsplitter’ continues along the same groundwork established on his 2012 album ‘Guitar & Voice’, which saw Chenaux reworking a few tracks from his earlier releases, as well as offering some new compositions, and a cover of ‘My Romance’. ‘Skullsplitter’ gently soars though with beautiful idiosyncratic melodies, highlighting the incredible talent of Chenaux in offering music that is different, though ultimately beautiful.

‘Skullsplitter’ follows much of the same format as Chenaux’s previous release ‘Guitar & Voice’, featuring Chenaux in a solo position on his album, working his magic intertwining unusual musical structures with his own vocal style. Chenaux offers up re-interpretations of some of his earlier works, as well as some new compositions, all of which work together to form the experience that is ‘Skullsplitter’. Underneath the layers of semi-improvisation and experimental technique is a core of beauty that drives the album forward, making it a gorgeous and rewarding album experience that truly cements Chenaux’s wonderful and unique style of music.

Chenaux’s very unique style is one that is perhaps a little difficult to swallow at times. The semi-improvisational techniques, combined with unusual experimentation results in oddly structured music, unlike music we know and are familiar with. Those who are unfamiliar with Chenaux’s work might find it somewhat inaccessible and perhaps shy away from what Chenaux is aiming to push out. Those who are fans of Chenaux, or even open to this style of experimentation will find ‘Skullsplitter’ to be a work of unfathomable beauty, and perhaps one of Chenaux best albums to date.

‘Skullsplitter’ is perhaps a little odd at times in terms of format and structure, though it’s through these unusual techniques we see Chenaux really pulling out all the stops, building up music that is nothing short of gorgeous. Everything Chenaux worked into ‘Guitar & Voice’ has traveled along into his latest release, cementing a new style of Chenaux’s that places him firmly in the foreground, showcasing every ounce of talent in tremendous amounts. Chenaux seems to be establishing a wonderful style of music on his latest releases, one that builds up much more than his earlier works for Constellation Records. Perhaps this is a continuing style we’ll be honored with once again in the future. One certainly hopes so.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Have I Lost My Eyes?
  • Spring Has Been A Long Time Coming
  • Poor Time
  • Summer & Time

Eric Chenaux’s latest album ‘Skullsplitter’ is out now, available through Constellation Records.

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