Strangers To Ourselves – Modest Mouse

8 years since the release of their fifth full-length studio album ‘We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank’, alternative-rock band Modest Mouse offer up their latest studio album ‘Strangers To Ourselves’. The new album sees Modest Mouse offering up more of their clever lyricism and enjoyable instrumentals that make up the core strengths of their music. With there being such a long gap since ‘Strangers To Ourselves’ and  its predecessors, there’s perhaps a risk that Modest Mouse will fail to please absolutely everyone, though there’s a wonderful energy and great selection of tracks on ‘Strangers To Ourselves’ that helps make it a very strong release.

There’s a great energy to ‘Strangers To Ourselves’, which seems to come across as one of Modest Mouse’s more stronger album experience. For their latest effort, Modest Mouse offer up more of what makes their music great, utilizing Isaac Brock’s introspective and thoughtful lyric style to accompanying catchy and easily accessible alternative-rock styled music. There’s some brilliant tracks present on ‘Strangers To Ourselves’, many of which stand out as brilliantly as some of Modest Mouse’s most revered tracks, and many of which become instantly memorable following on from their first listen.

Whilst ‘Strangers To Ourselves’ sports many strengths, it isn’t without its occasional weaknesses. As with each Modest Mouse album, there’s a rather long track-listing, which would be fine were it not for the occasional track that doesn’t seem to add much to the overall album experience. Whilst some tracks are instantly memorable, others become instantly forgettable, not really adding much and instead bloating the album experience itself. A little trimming here and there of a few weak songs would greatly benefit the album, elevating it’s position from a good strong Modest Mouse album to a brilliantly strong album.

Even though the odd song here and there could do with being cut entirely off the album, there’s enough being presented by Modest Mouse that is arguably them at their best. There’s some incredibly enjoyable tracks on the album, featuring both great instrumentation and great lyrics. It seems after such a long wait, Modest Mouse remarkably haven’t lost their steam and at all, as proven by the great strengths present on some of the tracks on ‘Strangers To Ourselves’. Modest Mouse’s latest album is a great return to form, coming across as one of the band’s strongest album releases thus far.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆ 4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Lampshades On Fire
  • Ansel
  • The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box
  • Wicked Campaign

Modest Mouse’s sixth studio album ‘Strangers To Ourselves’ is out now.

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