The Forgettable Truth – Michael Feuerstack

Singer/songwriter Michael Feuerstack offers up his latest solo album endeavor ‘The Forgettable Truth’. The new album sees Feuerstack assembling a team of musicians to help back up his own ideas and concepts, all packaged together into one cohesive album experience. Everything is rather down-tempo for the most part, allowing Feuerstack to indulge himself and his backing musicians in a gentle musical experience that draws out ideas from wherever they may come from. ‘The Forgettable Truth’ is for the most part a nice album experience, though it seems to fail spectacularly at doing anything to grab the listener.

Feuerstack’s latest album effort seems to come across as a simple exploration of nicely structured music and personal concepts expressed lyrically through the music itself. There’s a safeness to everything Feuerstack presents, which results in a gentle and easily approachable album experience, one that most people will find to be rather delightful and enjoyable. There’s evidence of strength in Feuerstack’s song-writing techniques, which seems his own lyrical themes come across in somewhat enjoyable ways. It’s a rather charming and somewhat enjoyable album experience that certainly works in most contexts.

Although there’s nothing wrong with the safeness and approachable nature of Feuerstack’s latest album effort, it seems that for all the lengths the song-writer has gone to, there’s been absolutely no consideration in how to actually draw the listener in and keep their attention and interest. Everything feels a little too indulgent, as though Feuerstack has created this album experience for himself and his friends, rather than creating something that he can actually be proud of and impress those around him with. Everything feels just largely forgettable, with there being barely any element or technique that actually manages to stand out on the album itself.

Feuerstack’s latest album ‘The Forgettable Truth’ certainly offers an enjoyable album experience for the most part, though it fails to do enough to warrant its own existence. Everything is just too safe and cosy, making everything occupy an area where no risks are taken, and no technique or idea is explored in any interesting way. It feels as though Feuerstack just needs to add a little extra something to his music to really elevate its position. Certain techniques and elements are there at the core of the songs, but there’s not enough being injected into the songs to really make them work, making the whole album effort feel incredibly weak for the most part.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Talking Blues
  • Monrovia

Michael Feuerstack’s latest solo album ‘The Forgettable Truth’ is out now.

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